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Be That Girl !

Be that girl!

Embrace your inner flawless

Accept what outsiders call “flaws” & know YOU ARE amazing regardless!!!

What do you find as a flaw in yourself?

I have lots! My symbrachydactyly, my teeth are not straight, I don’t always make the right mom decision, my husband says I’m always late , I put others first & don’t know how to say no when others need something, I have fears of being alone, some think my career choices are ridiculous, there are tons but let’s go with ...

I’m bossy - I like to control things & I hate change. If these things happen I get anxiety, I go through depressions & I can fall into that “I can’t do anything right now” phase.

I try to process things in smaller parts! What will this change bring to our family in the future!?

Will stepping back allow someone else to shine, grow & feel empowered?! Will it be the end of the world if we are behind for bedtimes & make some memories?!

It’s all about how WE think about the situation & what we choose to prioritize!

Embrace away babe! It’s a new day!

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