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Yall Im SOOO Excited You Are Here!

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  • Do you find it hard to motivate yourself?



  • You easily get overwhelmed and would love to gain more confidence?


  • Introvert or not, you still find it hard to build relationships, or even serve the ones you have?

Early in 2015 I was just a self taught photography, in college inches from my psychology degree when I wrote down PODCAST on my future goals list. I thought I was already helping other local girls learn to use their camera it could be great... Than fear came, with all its twisted lies. 

You can't start a podcast

Who would listen to that

You don't really HELP people

This was way before I had the confidence to step out of my comfort zone & learn when God was asking me to do something. That was just the seed in this story, but the roots are deep now and we are jumping all in together - scared and all! 

Learn to overcome the fears, lack of confidence by better understanding your mind & spiritual worth!

Learn how to build relationships starting with yourself in faith, marriage, family & than network!

Gain the confidence to start your own business or take on your passion with the skills you already have. 

Lets share the real life struggles with self care, marriage, family, entrepreneurship,  & connection. We will cover it all as long as I am serving you with a mix of solo, coaching, and interview styled podcast to help you best. I hope to create a one stop listen to faith based self development, confidence, relationship building and business strategies.  


How To Help 

You can support the Podcast by subscribing and leaving a review with your feedback. I value your time and feedback, which will continue to help me serve you best!

This is the only way I know people are listening and I'm sending big hugs to you! 


How To Help 

Spread The World


Grab a link and send to another amazing women, share in your instagram stories and tag me!

This is a community <3 Thank You with all my heart!

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