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Social Media Down?!

Are you worried when social media goes down?!

I’ll start by stating I am not!

I have this blog for a safe place to go, free to post & inform my team & customers! We even have a forum to keep up with the community ! Go share your Nailfies & connect online, and ask me any questions about your nails or business!

Although social media is a blast to share, scroll & connect we do not own these platforms. They can be gone anytime & poof our business or communities gone with it. Not to mention all the content! 😱

If you have a product based business & only run on social platforms like Facebook I’ll leave a few tips I’ve learn from my past wedding experiences and networking business.

Grow your email list!

Seriously probably the best way to get information out to your audience. On your email list there is no guessing- did they see your post, should you tag them? Do I have enough enhancement on my page to keep

up with the ever changing algorithm?!

Nope! No need for all that! Just cyber deliver that email directly to them! If you are using a platform like Flodesk (use the link for 50% off your subscription, make sure to try your 14 day free) or Mailchimp you can even see which link they clicked on & how many times they opened your email! Plus your readers & customers can easily contact you quickly by replying to your messages.

Have A Place For Your Resources!

For me it’s my blog & website! My website has all the fun information, educational tips, engaging content & entertainment with loads of value. Most of this content is broken down in smaller post on social media to keep attention on busy distracting platforms.

You don’t need a blog , although I think it’s a smart business move. You could easily have a go to document , podcast (which I hope to have launch for y’all soon) or app! There are tons of was to connect with your audience it’s just making sure you have them in place before you need them.

On photography I had a website & blog post although I could of kept up with it better 😆, I did have a organized website I used to keep my contracts, notes, follow ups & a fun portal where my customers had access to all the things they needed!

Have Their Contact Information

Why do we not call people anymore? Social Media can be so fake with highlights of the great stuff. But we al know that’s just not the way life works. Having you team, and customers contact information can save you when something like this happens.

Not only is it a great idea to do check in calls , but if you have a event scheduled online & social platforms go down it’s a great feeling to call or text a customer & let them know about the back up plan!

If someone doesn’t an just leave a nice voicemail, people are busy & not always used to actually speaking to others on the phone. But it can make a huge difference in your business & others lives to personally take time & check in others.

Ready to try one of those dry nail polish strips yet? You can grab yours here !

Check in with y’all soon ❤️ PS Pinterest is never down 😂



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