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My Journey Starting Direct Sales

Hey Y’all! I’m Krishna ! 😊

We were asked to share our story in our Top Ranked Team & I thought it was the perfect time to share it on the blog too!

💅🏻 “I started Color Street in November 18, 2019. I was supposed to host a party & really could not stop thinking about this opportunity- even though I had no time for it.

🧠 I was a new mom at the time, just had my second baby & I was struggling with Postpartum depression, although I had not realized it yet or the seriousness of it. Even though I had my psychology degree & knew what to look for. It’s different when you are in that state.

📸 I worked full time as a branding & wedding photographer for 5 years , taught online overseas from 3:30AM-8AM when my kids woke up & ran the house while my husband was pushing for his higher management promotions in the restaurant field. We got by but didn’t have much extra

🖤 A photographer friend I met on Facebook through a group , Teia Whaley , started something new & I loved supporting other womens businesses when I could. Although we basically went pay check to pay check. I grabbed a mixed mani I saw her show in her launch party & move on ... until they came in the mail!

😩 I sat down with my three year old to do our nails , it kinda hit me like a brick in the face. We had not spent much one on one time together since the baby. I was always upset with her , she didn’t understand how little I slept & how much it was important to not wake up her brother! I realized my little mini bestie was talking to me differently, looking bigger than I ever thought before & I was drowning in feelings I couldn’t explain. After we did our matching manicures, I was in shock how beautiful I felt. A little self care , but a huge boost of confidence looking down & feeling accomplishment, pretty, & in control for the first time in a long time.

🙌🏻 I prayed hard, cause I was extremely busy & overwhelmed. My photography business was very busy & my online teaching was exhausting. I loved it all but I couldn’t stop asking myself- why would this other very successful wedding photographer be taking on this new business? Could she actually be making any money? This is one of “those” businesses people make fun of & scam others! As my nail bar date came closer I kept asking her questions & praying 🙏 than my husband said “if this makes you happy I think you should do it!”

😳 I still remember his words cause they made me very emotional- I wasn’t happy I was struggling- bad. Personally, mentally, emotional 😭 but I always try my best to push through & be strong. It’s the way I’ve always had to live. From a young age I was bullied & made fun of because I was born with symbrachydactyly. I learned to hide it & protect myself from everyone. Another story for another time. But I definitely no longer hide my hand 🤚🏼 finally I’m confident in myself & SHOWING OFF BOTH HANDS!

💵 So I decided I think this is something God wanted me to do, I had just enough money in my savings account to purchase the kit & that was rare for me to have $100+ for ANYTHING!

✅ So we flipped my nail bar into my launch party & started diving into EVERYTHING I possibly could. Researched all teams, listened & watched every training & started to see the connections I could make with giving services to my photography clients. I saw places we could improve & my upline asked if we could start a group page & train these girls together! I was a little in shock & nervous 😬 cause I have NO TEAM! I was doing good sharing the polish daily everywhere I went casually & it lead to good sells!

💝I remember being so excited I had extra money to buy both the kids a, yes one, holiday gift 🎁 I was so proud we were making extra money with this extra thing I picked up!

🔥But it was January before I got my first recruit & after that I hit COE pretty consistently ! I was beyond excited & so thankful... the business was actually starting to match my wedding income.

🤯 After outsourcing a lot of my wedding work. By April I was a Director , May Senior Director & July Executive Director! It had become a full time gig for sure! I saw my confidence change, my leadership came back after being a SAHM that was always in leadership roles in the workplace. I saw the life’s of other women changing , I knew this was were I needed to be. Being able to actually have a large connections of women that I never had in my life, and two being able to serve other women really & have a positive impact on them was so motivating. I’m a counselor at heart , I love helping others solve their struggles. I decided to retired from wedding photography & give my family & Team my all!

🌴We have been so blessed to get out of so much debt, travel with our family, take more vacations than I ever had as a child & share the process with others who needed something more in their life!

💔I’ll admit once I did not rerank the first time I was hurt. My hard work, my team was so strong- how could this happen? So I keep working & kept pushing. There has been several months I didn’t hit my COE goal, or my highest rank ... it does suck let me just be honest about that!

🏆But ... my why is not to hit the highest rank - although a great moving forward goal- my why is about being a leader that is worthy of all these incredible women that were placed in my life . Not just at anytime but the darkest most difficult time in my life. I’m very aware that everyone who joins me, or my downline, my sideline they have their story , they have their reason for needing this journey & I’m a face along the way. I can sit back & wave 👋 or I can offer them to come in for a hot cup of coffee & cozy blanket while we all chat about what brought us together & how I can offer help. Sometimes it’s them helping me!

🤩It might be for ladies nights out & fun dinners, other times it’s another women just wanting that joy of purchasing her children a gift they wanted she couldn’t afford. Than others need me to help them push their limits, learn all the business skills & rock their journey with more mentoring for their business.

❣️So here I am pushing hard for my business goals, serving my customers the best I can & giving my team my all - cause I never know when this business or community is going to change someone’s life like it has changed mine.”

Thanks for reading & for all your support! If you’re interested in having me as your mentor you can check out the details here or grab your free samples here .

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