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Stressed Moms Can Have Time Freedom Too !

What do you need more of?

My business model ... Freedom ❤️

I see both sides since my husband works for an extremely busy industry. The restaurant is rarely closes & always slammed in our area.

I get all holidays, weekends, more options, more time, more memories, my goal is living our dreams more! I’m blessed to pass it on to others that want more future freedom!

As a former booked up wedding photographer in Middle Georgia, Wife, Mom of two & fur baby, I know a lot about business but also the importance of happiness & balance in life. My love for helping others started way before my psychology degree & carries over in all areas on my life today. I put together my Top 3 Tips for Busy Moms and how you can fine freedom in your day!

1. Evaluate & Create Your Routine

Knowing the difference between your schedule & your routine can be a game changer for your time & freedom! Your Schedule is your booked & planned out appointments for you any your family. These should be written down on a family calendar for everyone to see & add to! We love our calendars on our phone & have them connected, my husband can add things & I automatically see them as well. Plus we have a large Can’t miss it calendar In our kitchen everyone could see if they look up from the TV Box! Your Routine can be any activities planned or unplanned it’s a habit that you stick to but don’t have an appointment for. You might do the same routine each morning it’s become a habit that’s unschedule yet still happen!

Now mama let me tell you, above I said “family” cause it’s a family unit ... not a Mom does it all with no help & sets expectations to do everything for everyone! Remember we are raising children to become successful adults. If you're married - you are One! The two of you need to agree on your family dynamic and the things that need to be done. It's doesn't all fall on you! Who told you YOU HAVE TO DO IT ALL?

For each day of the week write down your routine and the time it takes for those activities on one side of a paper & on the other any recurring scheduled events. Here is a quick example of what that could look like for you

Do you find any thing in your schedule or routine that adds stress to your day? Can you take out some things, add some new routines to better benefit you & your family!? Do you have time for reading and studying the Word of God? This world will never give us peace but you can find your peace when you search for them in the right places.

2. Create A Goal For Each Day

When you looked over your routine & schedule the last thing you want is to feel overwhelmed, stressed & anxious before it even starts!

Run your day babe don‘t let it run you!

Let’s start by adding ONE end goal to each day! Most days I have a list of three goals the first one is always the most important. If the number one goal on my list is accomplished I feel like I did something that day! It can be as easy as doing the Dishes or Completing one load of laundry. Some days I know I just feel stressed and the only goal is to find time to shower! My goal list is a priority - I will not do any “relaxing” activities until I finished at least my Top Goal for the day. If I accomplish one I’ll move on to the next now that I have the mindset that it is a must do appointment to myself they are easy to fit in.

Guess what if it does not get done I just add it to the top three for the next day! It’s totally okay!

3. Give Yourself Grace & Find Gratitude

Listen girlfriend, if you take anything from this post today make it this one!


We all fall behind, we wake up late, miss things we should of remembered, burn dinner, we react instead of responding to our spouse & children. It’s Okay!!! That's why we remember Grace & have it with others in our busy life!

If you don’t make your top goal for the day accept it & make it a priority tomorrow. Just have grace for yourself and your spouse. Recognize your child didn’t get enough sleep & doesn’t have the ability to reel in their emotions at the moment.

Finding things to be grateful for within your small moments helps you not rush to the next activity Feeling overwhelmed. I like to remember my children will not always be in my house. I will miss them, I want them to be responsible & success adults. What happens in my little farmhouse walls matter now more than ever. Don’t even get me started on how many summers I have left with my Daughter- cue mom breakdown. To top it off your husband... He will still be there once those kiddos leave & your relationship has continuous eyes on you. Your children will learn from your relationships in your house & carry then the rest of their life. When they leave you will be there alone with someone who should still be your best friend & one with you! Don't loose yourself and your marriage while raising your family. Date, try something new, give each other grace, set up times to meet as your life changes, so you can both be on the same page in all the areas that matter most to your marriage and family!

The point is to take a deep breath, think of something positive & be willing to give grace - especially to yourself. If you don’t know Grace I urge you to grab The Bible & start the most important relationship to start the foundation.

If you would like a copy of your daily routine sheet with a few extra freebies you can grab it here!

Remember It’s about what makes you happy! If you need more freedom & maybe a business partner let’s chat! I work from home, help my husband with our bills & we are able to have family adventures because of my job! Coaching spots available.

Let me know if you struggle with these things too! It's a daily process for me I by no means have it all together. Wondering if I'm the only one that was struggling with my time management!

What takes up most of your time?

Are you a procrastinator?

Do you work full time & struggle with home balance?

Lets hear what everyone is most overwhelmed with & see what solutions other women here have! Drop then in the comments 👇🏼❤️

xo 💋


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