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Family Coming Together

We all know it is so hard to keep up with the busy rush of none stop madness in our busy lives. We don't always get our todo list done, we might not finish the house chores, and we most definitely don't always get the family time we need!

This featured post is for a loving family that welcomed me in like I was their own! I recently had an extended family session & not all the family members were able to attend but we managed to get a large group!

I'm a strong believer in family photos, even the ones you don't think are perfect now will be perfect later! The way I see it is you can have a lot of images that tell a story, the real story, or you can have no images & no story.

This amazing southern family shared laughter, stories, updates on paw patrol & great memories with me that I am so thankful to be apart of! I even got to see the best princess twirl ever!

Since some of these families are from out of town & out of state we didn't have a chance to do their reveal in person. So check out their video reveal below & enjoy!

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