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Why Planning A First Look For Your Wedding Adds So Much Value To Your Wedding!

I have been so behind when it comes to keep up with social media & blogging. We are excited to welcome baby Elijah to our family & we are running around like crazy! But you all know that's just the normal way around here!

I wanted to share a few things I think can really help our Brides & Grooms when deciding to add a first look or not on their wedding day. Your wedding timeline is jam packed & you are just trying to make it through, but do not worry I can help you with a few tips & things to consider. As a wedding photographer I like to offer my clients a tentative photo timeline that fits their needs while making sure we work with your wedding planners timeline as well.

What is a first look?! A first look is a time set aside for the Bride & Groom to see each other before the ceremony. Now this is not the traditional see you when we walk down the aisle, its a moment with the two of you without every eye on you & normally captured by your photographer. Before you decide if a first look is something you would want during your wedding day let me give you a few things to consider.

1. Consider What Is Most Important On Your Wedding Day

Many couples either are not sure what a timeline looks like, they have never heard of a first look, or they are set on the traditional events! All are perfectly fine this is YOUR Wedding Day! I always want my couples to think about what is most important to them, the details, spending time with guest, having stunning couple portraits, spending as much time with each other as possible, the reception & party! Whatever you both think of as important on your day make sure your vendors know!

2. Are You Set On Having All The Traditional's On Your Day?

Do not worry even if you are set on having him watch you walk down the aisle for the first time you can still have a first look experience! You are probably thinking I am crazy but you can add a "hidden first look" to your timeline & get some extra time & images together! This would be either you are behind doors, trees, one of you is blindfolded etc. These make for adorable moments while still keeping your day just how you want it!

3. More Time For Couple Images

If you are all about having the best & as many as possible images together on your wedding day a first look is something to think about for sure. When you are adding a first look you have an additional 30-60 mins of couple time fore sure! We can also get family pictures done before the ceremony which is always a time saver! When you are rushed for time, adding family photos after the ceremony, beating the sunset & rushing to your reception can be stressful.

4. A First Look Does Not Ruin Anything!

In my experience from being a bride to watching all our clients on their wedding day, a first look adds a special time for the couple to connect alone (which doesn't happen much on your wedding day sadly!). From reading letters to each other, gift giving, or just a sweet moment together holding hands in excitement! When you walk down the aisle he is not focused on your dress & the details, hes thinking how lucky he is! He is thinking he gets to marry you right now, no matter what he is still having a overload of emotions just like you are!

5. It Is Your Day!

It really doesn't matter if you see each other or not before walking down the aisle - this is your day! This is a day you will remember for the rest of your life. Having moments that matter, listening to your own heart & knowing what you want is a great thing. It is your day after all! Choosing to add a "First Look" or a Hidden First Look" might not be your thing but I believe it really add a lot of value to your day!

Adding A First Look or Hidden First Look

-Gives you more time together on your wedding day

-Adds more couples portraits

-Gives you time alone on your wedding day

-Opens up your timeline for things that matter most to you

-You get to talk/have your moment after seeing each other, unlike at the alter

-You can get more in your timelin, family pictures earlier ect!

Id love to hear more about your wedding! Are you considering a first look or hidden first look?

Looking for your wedding photographer?! I’d love to chat!

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