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Family Photos? But What If My Kids Act Crazy?!

You know what, we all think it! I can't possibly do (insert whatever you want) cause my kids might act crazy! Well yeah. They are kids & they are their own person so even though we are the parents here, we can't control every single thing they do. 

Personally I think if you want family pictures & you're worried your kids will act out, just do it anyway! Really that's life. Our kids act out of hand & don't always do what we want, but that's part of this crazy family thing we started right? Your sweet family is growing extremely fast & before we know it those babies will be 18 trying to rush into the real world 😩. As a photographer I can say yes at times family photographer is difficult, some photographers don't offer these sessions for a reason. However when you look back years from now are you going to care that your child wasn't looking right at the camera or had a hand full of sticks & flowers? Probably not, since the alternative is no family photos at all! 

I have learned that sometimes it is much better to let the kids do their own thing to an degree. Let's say you have more than one child, if all kids are taking part in one activity & having fun the others will join in soon. I like to ask the parents to look at me sometimes & not worry about the kids. Kids always do the darndest things right! My most recent session for example, I asked the parents to kiss, the youngest was on moms lap while the older stood by dad. As mom & dad kissed the oldest leaned in to kiss them both - while they were still kissing! It makes for some great laughs, real smiles, & fun memories. 

You don't have to do your session with me but do yourself a favor & set one up! You will enjoy having these latter & so will your kids. In my family sessions during the pre consultation I like to talk about what things your family does together & incorporate as much as I can. I love doing activities, games, & story telling during my sessions to help bring out the normal family spirt! 

My advise is not to worry about how your kids might act. Have fun, don't get stressed about perfect pictures. We all know none of us are perfect. I would take a grumpy face kid to laugh at latter & show them how they really acted as a kid over no memories to look back in at all! 

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