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Episode 37 Letting Go & Letting God Lead - Freedom Virtual Gym Within Peek

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Letting you in on a peek to The Virtual Gym Within Resources for my Partners. I offer my Your Coach with Gods Approach Guide as a helpful additional tool to our community so we can meet, study & walk together in mental, physical, & spiritual health together!

Freedom - Letting Go & Letting God Lead - (Recorded on podcast 37)

In learning our awareness we can have our eyes opened to the fears we live in. Peace & Fear are not the same. Do you find yourself FEARFUL you might lose control in your parenting, eating, or new fitness routine? Lets cover five things we can use as Christian women in our wellness journey

  • Knowing What God asks of you

  • Knowing ONLY God is perfect

  • Letting Go of Control

  • Discipline

  • Determination

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