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Color Street Nail Strips

Y’all know I’m all about the magic dry nail polish! I mean it is my full time gig now that we are done with weddings!

Krishna Sutherland Color Street Independent Stylist Wood You Rather

Georgia DIY Nails Krishna Sutherland Independent Color Street Stylist

All the deets will have your mouth on the floor !

📣Telling people about magical dry polish is easy for me because I know without any doubt in my mind that it has helped people get better nail care, save money & time. And so many start success businesses as a Independent Color Street Stylist!

🤗😱😭Just this week I had a brand new customer message to tell me how much she loved her nails, the feeling she got looking at them! She never use to paint her nails but she wanted more !

❤️You can feel the same too. Just click the here to check out all 27 of the newest fall shades on my Color Street website that will give you confidence & save the damage of artificial nails.

😘Thank you for sharing my name & business!

You have no idea how much it means to me!


Independent Color Street Stylist

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