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The True Business Passion That Matters

In an instant—everything changed.

Busy mom running a full time wedding business, carrying a toddle & baby around, teaching online before my family woke up & a husband in the restaurant industry. I kind of knew a lot about business & I give everything my heart so I started this Nail gig slowly, but it was that moment when all the customers had raving reviews for me. And than, When my first teammate joined cause of how much confidence she had gained!

I'm a psychology buff & when I start seeing women mentally & physically gaining such a positive light on their self care I cant help but get overly excited!

The passion project began! I was going ALL IN & ready to help other women focus on their selves just a little more. Cause we all know Motherhood, Societies many pressures on Women or just the fact that we think we can do EVERYTHING alone, can take its hard hits on our mind, attitude & life!

Let me be real honest in telling you I believe God has a strong hold on my life & the lessons I learn. I prayed hard starting this business, and letting go of my first love - my photography biz was & still is something I keep asking ... "Will it come back through if I let it go now? Will I get to teach 7 do the things I planned for more than 6 year?". I'm still waiting on those answers!

The point is my gift in business really and truly comes from the gifts I was spiritually blessed with. As of writing this my top 5 spiritual gifts are : Hospitality, Exhortation, Leadership, Mercy & Pastor/Shephard! If you personally know me or we have gotten to know each other through the blog, email list or YouTube, Id love to know if you can see these through my engagement. Want to find out yours? Check it out FREE here

Being truly myself, building my businesses where I was in each stage of life has carried over into each venture & honestly made a huge difference. Being grateful, humbled & most of the time feeling VERY unworthy of any success at all.

Do you truly know yourself? Your passion project & the meaning behind your hard labors?

Do you only work, or own a business, start a side hustle for the MONEY?

Ask yourself what you are really affected by. What deep down just gets your emotions moving? Notice I said emotions - not just excited, but scared, empathic, upset, any of the true emotions that shake us.

If your life has a passion, a purpose, a mission - this is when we can really see the true works. When we are creating solutions not just going through the motions.

So lets here it! What was that one thing that popped in your mind while reading this? drop it in the comments below.

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