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Lets Catch Up!

I am so behind on blogging !

Add baby number two & blogging literally flew out the window! Okay yall know I stopped blogging way before that! No worries I am bring them back & we can just start 2020 off strong!

What is going on over here in the Sutherland house hold?! Soo much has happened I do not even know where to start ... lets try almost 7 months ago.

1. We added an additional! Our sweet Elijah was born in June 2018 & I am loving my baby boy. Airabella is the best big sister & such a fan of her baby brother. He is almost 7 months now, wants to be held 24/7, he is so heavy yall! He sleeps pretty good at night but man naps are a struggle bus! He sucks his thumb thats new for me & I dont know if im loving it or hating it. He can crawl around in a circle, loves to walk in the walker & watch ever move his sissy makes!

2. I started teaching with VIPKID and I am in love with it! I had such a hard time waking up before the kids. And to be honest when you wake up to someone screaming everyday it really wears on you. We decided paying off student loans & credit cards, all the extra bills that comes so quickly with kiddos needed to go! With my bachelors I was able to apply & get hired right away. I started making $8 a class that only last 25 minutes plus I get lots of bonuses through the month added on! Making $14-22 an hour , starting my day before my children start their day & already a few cups of coffee in ... I will just let you know it is a huge win for me! If you have any bachelors degree you can teach! No lesson plans or extra work ... with all the extra pay! If you want to join lets chat & get you on the road to success now completely free .

3. We had some great friends move away & that has for sure been an adjustment. Before Elijah, Airabella & I were always on the move. Twice a week we did a homeschool preschool with friends at our house, we were at the library more than once a week, the park a few more times many playdates, visiting local wedding vendors, setting up for shoots, checking out new engagement photo locations ... the list was never ending. Once I got pregnant & finished my last few weddings before he arrived I WAS SO EXHAUSTED! Our schedule changed with two babies big time & I am always behind! But look at me trying to catch up LOL.

4. I decided my self care was a must! I jumped into the world of Color Street & I will never look back! Dry nail polish is all the new rage & you need it in your life ! 100 % nail polish, no dry time, smug proof, sets in 30 minutes 10-14 day wear ... and this is a $11-14 product ! you can get two manicures from one set !!! AHHHHH so crazy & incredible! I started this journey because I am so in love with the product & I never want naked nails again. I never saw myself in a company like this but I am so thankful for every second of it! I feel beautiful. I get paid to wear gorgeous nail polish. They sell themselves. Everyone loves them & this company is growing so fast. My Sparkling Team of ladies are waiting for you to join us & start rocking 2020 with us!

5. On top of lots of changes ... we are moving. I cant believe we will be moving from Middle Ga soon, Rob is going to be transferred to the Mcdonough Ga Red Lobster. This is much closer to family so for that we are very thankful! It will be great from the kids to grow up closer to grandparents, hang out with their cousins and not have to do so much travel to see everyone! We have not sold our house in Middle Ga or found or new home just yet. We are looking in Locust Grove or McDonough Ga. So Yes, Krishna Sutherland Photography will be relocating once again! We have loved being a part of this amazing community in Middle GA. We have so many vendors that are like family, so much support & we have so many incredible clients that have helped us grow larger than we ever expected. All our beautiful sweet couples, families & local vendors that trusted us with branding mean so much more to us than we could ever explain. We are sad to move farther but we are happy to let you know KSP will still be around Middle Ga for a long time to come! Traveling is no new trail for us <3

We are excited to meet new couples, vendors & continue to grow in Mcdonough and Locust Grove since we did grow up in Henry County.

With those 5 huge changes I am sure you cant handle any more excitement!

Thank you for all your support and love

Heres to 2020 and all the blessings, changes and hopeful blogging ;)

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