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How To Take Care Of Yourself Post Covid

Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. Which means I make a small commission on the sale, However your price doesn’t change! I only recommend products and brands I have used and love, I know you will too!

Its a whole new world out there depending on the city you live in now & you know what ...

It has been hard on YOU!

I can't say I was totally surprised when I sent my first feedback survey out for my Podcast while in the planning stages - more than 70% of the women felt the need for better self care, mindset & confidence. Is this you?

'Cause yall know this is me over here jumping up & down in the back, so you can see my hand. I can’t say I'm a full introvert, but this has changed me. From starting this pandemic in a hotel, not able to close on our home yet, to changing careers & sending my first child to a new school world. The thought of leaving the house sometimes starts my panic.

So because we are all just figuring this out together I have made a plan to expand my connections, lead more women, share my knowledge, gain from other incredible people & share the journey along the way. What good is it if we are all alone figuring this all out?

My Top Advice For Self Care In Todays World

The Fak"ish" Laugh !

I know, I see you raising your eyebrow at me! Laughter has been studied & the impact it can have on your body has proven to benefit your health. So right now, no matter where you are close your eyes, tilt your head back towards the ceiling, and let out a BIG fake laugh. Than, do it again - no peeking keep your eyes closed!

Just do it until that real laugh comes , because if you fake it - your brain will bring out that real laugh! Or you will burst out laughing cause all the people around you are now thinking you have really LOST it this time! I loved making my wedding client do this it works every time!

I was at a conference once and the speaker told us to do the Cheshire Cat Smile - open your mouth, close your month & smile big like the Cheshire Cat teeth & all! Its another great one to try when you dont want the whole room looking at you! But the fake laughing is funnier 🤣 The point though is your smile & laughter. You are in seconds helping your brain fight stress - UMM HELLO we are all stressed right now, give me all the dopamine, endorphins and serotonin! If you want to increase some happiness make this one a MUST do for your self care. Find the things that make you smile, but if you can’t fake it until you do! The real stuff comes when you take action.

Take Care Of Your Body

Have you had those days, you kinda get out of the bed, but you don't get dressed to do anything. You most likely only had water while brushing your teeth & had ZERO energy? Yeah, me to girl. Ill just be honest & let you know last week was one of those for me, okay maybe longer than that. I knew I was struggling, yet there wasn't anything I really did about it. I easily get overwhelmed with change & loose sight of things when my list is 5 miles long. Anyone else, or is that just me? When I notice I'm in this funk I have to pray & cry, that's just a given for me. Throw out some crazy ideas or emotionally brain dump a dropbox of files on my husband & than I can get my plan back together! Clearing your brain matters.

GRAB WATER- ALL THE WATER. It can take you up to 2 months to form a habit, I find that I need a accountability partner. Plus I got this cute water bottle! To really make something happen you have to talk your brain into wanting it too! Make a chart, sticky notes, tell yourself 10 times over & over in your head "I just WANT water!", set an appointment on your phone - whatever you have to do to make happen. I hate the word toxins so I use this "The more water you dry the faster the toxins leave!" LOL

Exercise, even if its a walk outside, or finding a local indoor walking track during the winter. Find activities you might like to try or lost hobbies you once loved that will help you keep your body moving. We were not created to Netflix & chill on the couch all day! Here a small list of ideas :







Tag with the kids


Window Shopping

Disc Golf



Jump rope


Take the Stairs

At home work outs

Just remember if you have time to scroll, Pin, or Bing watch you have time to borrow for better mental health, physical health & self care!

Vitamins a lot of the time we are so stuck in our routine we give our body the same things over & over. Make sure to change up your meals with the seasonal fruits & veggies. Try something new & remember there is a reason for each season we are in - give your body a variety of ways to be nurtured. You can talk to your doctor about vitamins you might need. I know in the winter I freeze & don’t get much sun, so I take more vitamin D & I take b12 & b6 for my energy and processing.

Learn to REST

Did you see that one coming after the exercise! I believe we all have a unique purpose, we were all created for the moment we are in right now & I'm determined to do my best. Our schedules are full to the max with marriage, kids, work, house running, social engagements ... God Created Rest & he took his Rest. Jesus worked hard, abd still knew when the time to say, "no" was & Rested often.

You can call it, sabbath, rest day, meditation, eliminating - whatever you feel like. To truly learn to rest is still a active effort on my end. We will always have work, plans, distractions, or emotional breakdowns. Life is hard & we can’t do it perfect, but we can actively learn to REST! Taking the seventh day, to meditate on Gods word, learning his ways that are so much more filling than most of the things we find ourselves trapped in today. Look up all the times the Bible mentions meditating on His words. Write it down & find YOUR REST.

I don't think I can tell you how to rest. Learning what your spirit, mind & body needs is important. Journaling and writing things down, while actually reading the word yourself can help you piece together things you did not see in the rush! Being able to notice the differences of this World & its distractions can really open your mind & deepen your connections in all areas of your life.

Find Your Passion

The pandemic has shown so many people they were not happy in their job or career & some have made shifts to others, or still trying to figure it all out. I once believed, as life has changed my passions seemed to change. Last week while I was was laying out the new plan for the year & all the craziness to come I realized for me that passion was always the same but it grew in different forms. I can always see things until I dig deep.

How do you even know where to start? You know my first answer is to really PRAY & LISTEN. That's the really hard part for me, I want to jump all in on a plan. If you don't already know your unique gifts I really love this free recourse, its a little quiz with questions on your life & gives you 5 of your spiritual gifts. You can always go back to the definition page, and grab those verse to link to your gifts. For me that was a good starting point - although if yours are like mine I could of guessed them by looking at the list.

Write it all down again! What do you like doing? What are you good at? Being with people, making things, helping people, teaching, there are so many thing you can start with.

What could you do & not care if you got paid, cause you love it that much?

Now the big Why - if you know me you know I have a passion for helping others find their why behind it all, their story. Its the psychology marriage family counselor in me but also the Pastor/Shepherd gift in me! If you don't have a why, a mission , a purpose for drive that is personal to you - it can feel like your lost. Sometimes spinning out of control. I know , cause even though I know all of mine I'm easily distracted & overwhelmed with change & my endless list syndrome.

If you are like me and need a bigger deep drive walk through list I HIGHLY recommend this Book to help you walk through step by step. Don't have time to read it? Me either I listen to most my book on Audible (Get a Two Free Audibooks here ) in the car or while doing dishes!

For me its almost a 6 year journey finding & filling my passion, thankfully each step I didn't know why I was taking at the time has lead me in the same direction. Connecting with people, Creating, leading & encouraging positive change while guiding purposeful relationships within others! The podcast is coming soon 😍

See you next week!

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