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How To Read As A Busy Mom

Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. Which means I make a small commission on the sale, However your price doesn’t change! I only recommend products and brands I have used and love, I know you will too! Grab My Favorites From 2021! The Ultimate Reading List For Mompreneurs

I’ve been there the dishes the kids screaming dinner burning your husband is at home yet and you can’t remember the last time you sat down to read.

It was a few years of becoming a new mom and I realized I had not picked up a book in sometime.

Although I love reading listening to audiobooks and podcasts have really change the way I taken my personal development.

Now don’t get me wrong I will still order a back hard copy for the The bookshelf and the rainy days, Plus one day my children will not be here So I might just ask them off. it’s great for our kids ti see us read, I do love encouraging them to read.

So here’s my top three tips on how to get to reading as a busy mom.

1.The Bible App

I have to admit this is one of my favorite ways to start my day. Searchable Verses at any moment, daily reading plans, and even Audio on most versions depending on the Bible version you are reading.

There a fun family and kid devotionals to add quality time and continue to teach our children the importance of spending time with God.

My children know in the morning driving to school or on the way to school pick up is mom’s time to listen to her books or daily devotional.

Most days I will spend a few minutes before they wake up in my Bible app with a combination of my physical Bible my notebook and my prayer notebook. yeah you know I’m a notebook girl!

I also really love this app because I can look through many versions of the Bible, compare and contrast. In high school I was devastated to find out the Bible version I had been reading, actually skipped some verses in Matthew altogether. like literally jumping numbers like nothing had happened. already working in the church I was sure to ask around if anyone knew why this was.

I started asking if Jesus was a Jew, and Jesus celebrated all these festivals, should we not be doing the same?

Now I’m a firm believer in reading for myself, knowing the history, and paying close attention to the holidays and activities our families passes down. There’s just something about reading it for yourself versus someone just telling you what to believe!

2. Audible

Audible is my go to for any of my marketing and self development needs, other than the Bible and top book recommendations from a busy friend! I am Always on the go, always is expanding Business, and trying to take in the most family time possible. That’s why the car rides and sometimes dishes with headphones, are my mom time. And the kids know this rule! Mom drives you to the places you enjoy with her time, so we can all respect mom & her self care while she listens to any music or audio book! LOL 😂 They might be mini business owners one day with all this knowledge.

I love that I can create a wish list for books I’ve been meaning to read and forget about. I also love that each month I get a new book credit!

I try to finish at least one a month if not two, but you never know when you have children running around! So finding some time in the bath In the car on the rides, during your walks, or a few minutes before bed, remembering to add Time For things you enjoy can be such a mood lifter.

3. Carve out time and learn to say no.

So we already talked about carving out a little bit a time for things that you love but are you learning to say no to the things that steal your joy? As moms it’s easy to take care of everyone else, and push off things so much that we forget how much we enjoy them.

As a network marketer I can find myself taking up my phone for no reason, other than to check messages, reports emails, or let’s be honest just because it’s weird to not have a phone in her hands. I find it a little like an addiction, and and I’m not fond of those.

If I find myself picking up my phone just because of that feeling, during a free moment, I like to turn this into a moment to add self-care or development. Scrolling to Tiktok Facebook or Instagram mindlessly has very rarely brought me any joy, matchless help our family any earn money. Unless you wanna count that one time Rob and I laid in the bed right after the children went to bed. It was the first time I had downloaded tiktok, and I had to show him this funny video, next thing we know - plus hours later and no longer sunlight...I was in shock! I’ll just say we might’ve had a few laughs but I enjoy our quality time one on one!

Tip on Saying No

  • Stick to 3-6 Prioritized Items on your daily check list : every night before bed write out tomorrows top prioritizes and focus on the first one until it’s done. Remember to set reminders, timers or mind audits to keep you from distractions.

  • Do Not Do Other Things : Getting off task is easy make it a habit to focus & make it nonnegotiable to do pointless activities until your list is complete

  • Audit Your Time : If you struggle with distractions set a 15 minute timer. Every time the timer goes off jot down any distractions, thoughts, and things that you spent your time doing. This will help you see where your time goes & how you spend your day. What can you cut from your day that has no meaning or benefits?

  • Are you overwhelmed? Do you always take on extra, because you are asked & can’t say no? Try writing out quarterly goals keep it to 3-5 Top Priorities it can be relationships to serve, projects or any personal goal. When you are asked to do something look at your Top Priorities for that quarter/month - does this responsibility match your list?

  • Next if it works with your values or your priorities list, look at your calendar & see what other responsibilities have. If there is too much on your plate and you would like to say yes offer an alternative, like the following month so you can keep your sanity without being overwhelmed.

  • Just Say No : It's okay to say “I'm sorry, I do wish I could commit to this but I'm focused on XX right now and I really would love to finish this goal.” Most of the time when we have our mindset, the list there, it’s easier to tell them, if you choose, that this doesn’t work right now. Many people are excited to cheer you on, check back in or help you when you are 100% committed to giving your all. No now doesn't mean no forever.

So I’d really love to know what is your book genre, are you totally into self development? Or is it a glass of wine, and a good fiction for you?

Can’t wait to read your comments!

xo 😘


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