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Episode 9 Crushing Goals With BeachBody Coach Hayley Custer

Jumping into this interview with BeachBody Coach Hayley Custer

Christ Follower, Wife, Mom & Business Owner

Hayley and Krishna Chat Goals

Mindset And Spiritual Strength through Faith & Grace

The Scoop …



Breaking Down Goals

Small Wins

Positive and Negative Impacts of your words

Breakin Down Your Big 5 Areas

Healthy boundaries

Depression and Anxiety

Borrowed Belief

Advise on Starting a Business With Strong Foundations

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Coach With Hayley

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Hey y'all welcome back to the podcast. It is Krishna and today we are doing the business exploring series again and I have the incredible Haley Custer here with me face a little lot Christ follower mom wife and business owner. So welcome Haley we're so excited to have you.


Thank you so much Krishna I'm so excited to be here and just chat with you about so many great topics and just encourage some women today.

Can you tell us what you do? why you started your business and I'm just a little about yourself.

Yes, absolutely so of course my name is Haley and I am married to an amazing man Scott Custer who is a worship pastor at a local church here. Christ chapel and zebulin and we have the sweetest little dude ever. He's two years old and his name is jet. And so I'm a wife I'm a mom I lead worship at a local church. Um I just I work from home as a team beach body coach and I love it so much every single day I get the chance to offer people the opportunity to step in and change their life by making healthier choices. Through exercise and nutrition and mindset work and I'm also a certified life coach certified personal trainer and certified health coach. So I really get to combine those things through team beach body and it just gives me an outlet to be able to provide people an affordable convenient way. Reach their goals and also have the community aspect of everything without spending a ton of money for coaching and for training to get their results and everything like that. So honestly when it comes to beach body I got started back in 2018 as a coach. Um I was actually four months pregnant with my son and before I decided to take that leap of faith and become an online coach I actually had been looking for a location here in Pike County to teach a local boot camp and. Could not find 1 there was nothing available for rent nothing that was feasible for rent for a boot camp space I was trying to navigate how will I get equipment and you know how much equipment will I need to start? Well you know and I found out I was pregnant then a day after I found out I was. Excuse me I was hired for a new job as a kids pastor and then the day after that I found out that I was pregnant and decided okay job transition am pregnant. It's not a great time to open a boot camp that'll take up evenings and all my time and I know that I'm gonna want to give my attention to my new family. So here. We go god I'm praying for guidance should I do beach body because my mentor and coach je gu three who is absolutely incredible. She had been inviting me for a while at this point so I decided just to go in four months pregnant I decided let's just do it overcome the fears overcome the doubts that are within me and let's just give it a shot. So I decided to do it on the side of of my full time job as a kids pastor and just to earn some extra income for ob visits and eventually I knew I would need daycare and then I needed formula so it just I wanted to earn extra income so that I wouldn't have to put stuff on credit cards and go into debt.

Um, medical debt or whatever that case is you know with the new expenses that come with children. So um, anyway, so that's how I got started. yes yes, yes but it was awesome. So that's really how yeah, never in 1000000 years would imagine.


Um, right? Yeah, the new baby and the craziest That's awesome.

03:39 - Hayley

That I'd be working from home and that I have the ability to build a business to where it is now but I'm not stopping. You know it's not where it needs to be yet. Um, it's you can always be further along so that's where I'm now.



Yeah,, that's awesome and I know so a lot of people kind of struggle with that like I'm going into the new Mom World. You're like Okay, what do I do like where does my career go. So I think that's um, also kind of how I started my business to my original business. So. That is really where a lot of people are and a lot of women who listen to this podcast probably started their business because of that because of motherhood and the the freedom of you know, creating your own space too. But I love that you said, um, it was just like a God thing you know you're like okay God like this is if this is where I'm supposed to be like let's go. So I Love that Absolutely and so can you tell us what kind of motivated you to um you know keep going So you're pregnant right? You're starting a brand new business.

You're exhausted because of being pregnant is no faint of heart situation. So tell us like what kept you motivated to um, one start this business and then after you gave birth like how did you have the energy to have any kind of goals there.


Well, we all know if if you have been able to experience the blessing of carrying a child and even delivering a child. It is definitely something. You don't take for granted and um energy is not something that comes very naturally you're definitely. Spending a lot of it grow in a human inside of you and then delivering and then you know the fourth trimester quote unquote exhaustion is so real and honestly it was the added accountability of being a coach knowing that hey I made a commitment to inspire other women. Who are in my situation or similar situations who just want to feel good and have energy each day and maybe you wake up and don't feel like press and play on a workout. Maybe you wake up and you're like oh my hips and my back Curt but I know if I get my blood flow in and if I stretch and if I do whatever. Ah, need to do I'll feel better. So the motivation wasn't always there. It was really just the daily discipline of hey if I do this I'll feel better on the other side knowing that I will feel better after 30 minutes of just committing to what I said I was going to do the accomplishment of. Today I'm gonna give my best and that's what matters and I know that other people are following and expecting me to show up and it's not in a sense of I need to please them it's in a sense of I made a promise to them and to myself that I was gonna do this and I was going to help people and I was going to help them change their lives through this so that was really the driving factor behind why I would show up every single day.

Tell us when you're working with someone else. How are you helping them set their goals and get some motivation to push through and start that goal and keep that discipline.

Yeah, so when I'm working with somebody else. Um and and just to kind of I am gonna like back it up just a hair because I didn't really touch on the postpartum side and how postpartum emotions are a whole new devilhood. It's a giant that you have to play and it is so unpredictable.

And you don't know what your wave of emotions especially with lack of sleep and you know I was actually nursing so it was very It was a lot my body was doing a lot and ah first time mom so the emotions on top of that. So for me it was more so doing this is just 30 minutes for me it's just for me I don't have the energy necessarily to show up and lift heavy or do a high intensity workout. But if I could just do some yoga for 30 minutes maybe just to fuel my myself and so that I can give my best self to my child to my husband because. You are as a new mom and even as a mom in general 1 child 1 child 5 children. Whatever that looks like you know you're doing that. So what I try to hold tightly to when I'm working with other people in goal setting and and helping them get started on their journey The first thing we do is I give them like a step-by-step guide to say okay, here's what you've got this is what you need to download. This is your first step. This is how you access your workouts. This is how you access the group for coaching and accountability and then after they kind of know exactly where to where to navigate and find things. The very first thing we do is we nail down their why we talk about their goals and we nail down why? Okay so just for example, let's just say I bring on a client who has reached out and they want to lose £70.

Ah, help that client break that goal down into smaller goals because I'm like okay £70 totally achievable. You can do that and let's look at a healthy timeframe to lose that because any quick fixx is not healthy. Let's just be real right? So 70 over time.

Um, let's look at what? ah an ideal timeframe would be for you for your body for your lifestyle for what you're willing to commit every single day because that's gonna determine how long it's gonna take you right? If you're only willing to give me three days a week might take you a little longer than somebody who's willing to commit 5 or 6 to me. Okay. So we really just dive deep into the goals and then we break them down and say okay, well now let's take those big goals and let's start with the first thirty days okay here's what we're gonna do in the first thirty days okay and then we take the 30 days and we break it down into the first week we say week one here's your first. Okay, so um.

When I say step by Step. It is step by Step. So then I say okay, here's your workout plan. You're gonna start here and then once they're completed with that I say alright here's your next step here's your here's your next workout plan. Um, and then of course we nail down why those goals are important I I will always ask a client. Why is losing £70 important to you and if they answer me with something like I just want to feel better I Want to have more energy. Okay, okay, that's cool and I love that. That's True. You will. That's actually a benefit of you losing £70 you will have more energy and you will feel more Confident. You'll feel great. Um, because you literally are lifting weight off of you but tell me how does that change things for you. How does that change things for people around you. What's important about that. Will it change things for you. Will it change who you are will it change how you mother will it change how you and your husband interact or. How you're able to lead like for me I lead worship on a stage like I want to feel confident and energized right? So It's not about appearance but I do want to I don't want to be up there feeling like a dead you know, no energy and so when my client come in and tell me well I work a desk job. Okay, what does that job look like.

How will it affect how you perform in your job. Are you having to load with caffeine every afternoon only to crash in 2 hours or do you want to gain some energy by exercising every single day and drinking your water and I'll teach you how to get up every 10 minutes or you know four 10 minutes every hour. And just kind of take a little walk around the building or go get you a sip of water from the water fountain. You know, go to the bathroom and do like 10 squats like just get your blood flowing you know and um, so just simple things like that. Um you know I work with clients on small little goals because we can be so blinded by that big end goal.

And there's never an end goal. It's just be real when you hit it, you set a new one. Um, so you know we just focus on 1 small step at a time. that's that's really that's really it


Yeah I love that and those small wins. Mentally that is um and that's really what keeps people going right? I mean if you see a big old goal. Um, you know and they all jump in and they're they're running one hundred miles an hour at that goal. They're not setting the perfect pace either and you're you know, setting them on that right track to keep the sustainable pace in their goal their business. Whatever it is so I love that.

And then, my biggest thing that you said is your why you're really digging inches or emotional. Why not just like why they're doing something to you know to look pretty or feel pretty or whatever it is um that our society tells us right. So that digging in to those emotional. Whys I think that's probably why you're so successful at what you do and how um, you're able to impact other women. So that's incredible. All right Let's see so

Haley what's your favorite part about your business.

Yes, thank you so much.

That is probably the toughest question that anybody can ask me because when I say I love so much about what I do it is obvious that my passion is to obviously fulfill a client's goals like help them. You know when when a client when it clicks. And a client's mind. That's that's one of my favorite things is when they say like oh my gosh I did eat. You know what you suggested because honestly a lot of my clients come in and they're like wait I have to eat how much yeah, you have to eat you have to eat to get to your goals right? so. You know and then when it clicks and they're like two weeks later they're like I lost this amount of weight or aside from weight loss like I have so much energy and my kids I'm able to like get up and down off the floor with them or you know we went out to dinner and. You know instead of ordering a coke I ordered a water and I actually felt good doing it I didn't feel guilty you know and just those kind of things so hearing small client wins. Um, and you know I'm actually going to refer to 1 and specifically because you said something earlier. About like the small wins and why they matter so when I see clients focused on that. That's one of my favorite things and I had one talking to me the other day and you know I was checking in on her like hey how are workouts going. How's your meal planning going and you know and she was like.

Not going and totally my fault yet. She followed that with I'm good about watching my portion sizes I'm being more mindful on what I actually eat I've done 3 workouts this week you know and then she kind of said what she doesn't have what didn't happen and then she said. But we already have healthier options here and then she said I have a list ready to go to the store so I took that that that yeah that message and a screenshot at it and I marked out all the negatives in red and then circled all the small winds in green. Okay, so I took the. Focus off of the negative and I was like okay so you were good about watching your portion sizes you were mindful about what you ate, you've done 3 workouts this week that is so incredible. So what if your goal was 5 you got 3 done and that's your best and that's what you're celebrating right? So when a client is like oh yeah, I was accomplished this. Week I did so well you know that's one of my favorite things and then to just the community the community I cannot explain enough from my client community because that's a whole another ball game right? there I have a challenge group where we hold each other accountable and. We provide resources and recipes and encouragement every single day we're in that group cheering each other on sharing our workout sharing our nutrition everything and then the coach and community to just the friendships that I've made through becoming a coach on our retreat and now I finally get to go on corporate trips and stuff too. But. It's crazy to me how you think that you have to be limited to you know your hometown or wherever it is like oh I'm just stuck in this small little bubble well coach in actually want me that you're not and god has so much more out there for you. It's the greater mindset. You know, somebody shared a picture today of.

A single flower on one side of the card and the other side of the card was filled with abundance of bloomed flowers and I'm like this is what god has for you and if I would not have said yes to coaching I wouldn't have these fulfilling relationships and friendships of women who truly care for 1 another and want what. Best for 1 another and I I forget there's a ming girl world out there honestly because we just don't experience that we're I'm Mad. So yeah, guess some people might call that naive. But I guess you know for me, it's really just the positive community the uplifting community.

And the value behind the relationships versus just hey join me and let's hold each other accountable. There's so much value and connection that has the potential to grow and impact so many lives through this business.


Yes, oh my gosh. That's so true that's so true and the community I mean you can always tell when there's that that true heart in the community right? where there's really actually a difference going on and. That's how we're probably more meant to live than you know isolated in our house with no community anyway. So I love that it gives you the energy and the um you know push to keep going. Also love that you said you marked out your clients, negative Stuff like we don't even do that in our daily life right? We're just like spitting out our complaints and our struggles and we don't see those small tiny winds. We don't see the wind blowing and that flower blooming and our children running and having joy right? The the amazing things that we get to um, see that we kind of. Pass over because that's the way that our society is right? We don't focus on all the the small little steps to get there which is um, crazy right? But I love that you help them really, you're helping them in their life when you're xing out those you know negatives you're really helping them be more successful and. Everything to see that visual That's so great. Let's see. Um so Haley do you have any tips for our listeners on um, setting goals either in their business or I'm something personal that they wanted to achieve.

Do you have any tips for our listeners on goal setting either in their business or a personal goal. They want to achieve.

Yes, I've always got tips on goal setting I think one of the biggest things for me and and I can encourage you is when it comes to goal setting. We can allow the outside pressure of social media or even sometimes what. Like a parent or someone close to us their kind of guidance on our goals. But I think you just have to stay true to like truly what you want and the desires god placed on your heart like and then set your goals from there so like for me the important things in life are my family. My faith. Community and you know at the end of the day those core values obviously my health you know so I think of the big 5 areas of health like financial um relationships spiritual like my relationship with god um. Health and then career and those are I call them the big 5 areas. So when it comes to goal setting I say look at those 5 areas and really break down some goals in those areas that you can set for yourself. Are you gonna get all of them 100% every single day. Absolutely not It's like. I want you to think of those 5 as like ah a vehicle on necessari I know there's only 4 wheels on a vehicle you know most of them but just think of 5 wheels and just think like okay this is what's driving me to that goal and at some point I'm gonna have to rotate them out at some point I'm Goingnna have to check the air and refuel one while the other ones still just.

Fine right? At some point I'm gonna have to make a pit stop around other people who can fuel my car and fuel me to keep going right? So look at the big 5 areas and just make a list in each of those areas because your family matters just as much as your career. Okay, and your faith matters. Before any of it that should be the front driving wheel that should be the driving factor that leads you in all of it. Always tell people if you're not feeling yourself with Jesus you're gonna burn out. You're gonna break down, you're gonna burn out like you gotta fuel yourself with Jesus if you want to keep going so my top tip is to look at those 5 areas and just set small little goals. At a time under each of those areas so that you can be motivated to keep going.

Yes I Love that and that's really, going into my next question like how do you get out of that burnout because we do set some of these goals you know and maybe we're racing to them too quickly or whatever it is and we're not setting the pace and we're. Hitting that Burnout. What's your best advice on um, kind of getting someone back on track after they have that heavy burnout where they don't want to get back started.

My biggest suggestion for that would I would say to be to set healthy boundaries and the way that you can do that if your experience in burnout reflect rest and reflect. It's okay to say I need a full day. To just reset or I might even need a week to um but like for me, my job is social media but there was a point where I was like I'm gonna do a 3 day social media fast to just reset my mind reset my focus and because it's like we can get so um. Like you're saying just focused on like the daily task and I've got to I've got to go all in in this hustle hustle hustle mindset that we forget like really who we are and you know we get so caught up in what we're doing versus why we're doing it. So my my top tip is to sit back. Reflect rest on it and then set healthy boundaries for yourself because if you are experienced and burnout honestly, the root of that is most likely that you didn't set healthy boundaries in the first place so that's where it has to.

And I'm talking like boundaries in your relationships in your time in your family in your you know in your career. It's okay if a client messages you at 8 a m but you blocked out time from twelve o'clock to one o'clock to answer client messages. It's okay for them to wait four hours for you to get back to them. Okay. Sometimes it might be in an immediate need and I do want you to be sensitive to that of course, but every client doesn't need your immediate response every single day and I think as a social media or a marketing influencer. So to say I'm anll or you know everybody's got their own job. But even even if your job is a 9 to 5 you know as a businesswoman or even whatever that looks like for you, you have to set those healthy boundaries so that you're not getting burnt out. You know you have to stay focused on doing some things that you love for yourself and and know that that's okay and that's not selfish for me. I'm gonna get my 30 minute workout in every single day and my husband knows if I don't who I'm a whole another person. That's my but you know so.

Yes I Love that that is awesome and we in our business we say um you know we do dry nail polish. So We said that there there's no nail emergency right? like it's okay to set those expectations that you always need to be on social media which is. Hard nowadays when there's someone who's working online. They feel like they're you know they almost have an addiction to their phone or their social media. Um, which is extremely hard mentally and and physically on your body because you're you're not moving anymore right? You're just sitting and.

Right? And and what you said there mentally mentally was the biggest thing because what we don't realize we're doing when we get caught in that rabbit hole of scrolling social media and what's the purpose behind me being on my social media like for me.

I have to remind myself every day when I get on Instagram when I get on Facebook what am I here for I'm not just here to scroll because what happens is the burnout the mental burnout and the emotional burnout what we don't realize we're doing is we're scrolling through and that's opening up the door for comparison. Well I wish I was that creative I wish my house looked like that I wish I had the money to purchase a car like that I wish I you know had that cute of a fashion outfit you know or she's so pretty I kind of want to get my lashes done now or my lips aren't that plump or I wish you know you get where I'm going with that.

You know so long time the burn is also a result of 1 we didn't so help set healthy boundaries in our screen time like and we didn't really have a purpose behind while we were getting on social media in the first place. The purpose is to be social right? So for mom keep scrolling.

Not being social like have you ever sat in a public place like I love to people watched. Okay I love to people watch but have you ever sat somewhere in public and just watched how people interact right? Like let's just say church for example because for me.

The purpose of going to church is to be interactive and to grow together so that you can be kingdom-minded together and grow the kingdom. So if I'm just going to church and I'm sitting on the back row and I'm listening to the preacher giving me all these tips and all these messages biblically you know, ah biblically sound. Um, advice and everything from the word if I'm sitting here listening to everything god laid on his heart to share and then I'm like sitting back there beating myself up and saying well. The lordship leader up there just has her life together and I'm just sitting back here like a back row baptist back here just trying to figure things out for myself. No, you're missing the whole point of why we were designed to go and do that in the first place we're supposed to go build community and serve serve the way Christ. Serves us and served when he was here on earth right? So I think of social media the same way I'm here to serve I'm not here to fuel myself to be compare. You know to compare to other people like I've got a purpose and I need somebody out there needs to hear what I have to say today somebody out. There hasn't been told. She's beautiful. In probably thirty days and what if I'm the only one that tells her that today somebody out there needs to be reminded that hey god's got this I'm gonna tell him god's got this right? So we have to focus on the purpose behind it or else that mental exhaustion that you're talking about and burnout is.

What would you say to someone who's you know trying to make a successful business. What are some of the successful things that you think have helped you get to this point.

Oh man, that's a great question. So to get to this point I really think it balls down to like 1 consistency consistency and and grace honestly consistency grit grace you're gonna have to work hard. Yes.

Because faith without works is dead and I read it this morning I can't remember if I screenshot at it but I was like oh how fitting is this to be talking about goals and business and I think that I did let's see oh maybe I didn't oh here it is yes, good planning and hard work lead to prosperity but hasty shortcuts. Lead to poverty and that's proverbs 21 verse 5 and I just thought that is it right? there. It's the grit and the grace along the way that really gets you to where you want to go and am I where I want to be absolutely not every single day I'm reflecting and saying. How can I grow today. What can I learn today because if you're not willing to learn. You're not willing to grow and if you're not willing to work hard. You're not willing to experience what true success is because at the end of the day hard work might not necessarily lead you to a million dollar business or a million dollar life

But it will lead you to a fulfilling life and if you are trusting God with it and giving him your first fruit so to say with it committing everything you do to him then you're gonna be able to Sustain. You're gonna run a sustainable business right? So I'm trying to remember what your question was because I feel like I'm chasing rabbits a little bit But. Um, in order to get to where I'm going like success was I've got to work hard and I have to understand that if I'm not failing then I'm probably not doing it the way that God designed me to because it's when we fail. That's how we learn and.

When we learn. That's how we grow we can look back and say okay that did not go like I thought it would I don't know if you've seen that reel that goes around like um I saw that going differently in my mom. You know there are so many days like that and um.

Where I'm like um I saw that post coming differently I saw that conversation going differently that was not at all how I expected that to go but let's just reflect on that kind of evaluate it and see what maybe I could learn from that and and shift and change for next. Um, so you know put in the work and allow your yourself grace and 1 thing that I have learned is to understand that like my best today might look different from Christmas best best you know my best might look different from one of my team members best at the end of the day. It's my best and that's what matters tomorrow.

It's gonna look different from today right? Lord will and if I'm here tomorrow right? It's gonna look different from today and I have to be okay with that my best and that's what matters right? so.

Yes, oh gosh I love it. This is gold like I love it. That's awesome. So can you tell me We're kind of in the midst of still kind of covid in different places all over the world. Um, and most the listeners are in the US can you kind of tell us if you struggled with any mental health during this time and how you kind of got over that.

Yes, so many people who I share my so I'm very very open I'm very transparent on my social media and everything and if you followed me for a while you know that I have a history of chronic stress and anxiety and even postpartum I talked about the rollella coaster post. Partum and that is really really hard and I think at the end of the day it balls down to choosing your hard. Um and and we see influencers talk about this and you know often and some of my mentors have even talked about it. But. It really is about choosing the hard. It's gonna be a hard decision either way press and play on my workout when I am literally feeling crypt by my emotions and the heaviness and the exhaustion and I would rather just stay curled up in my bed for that extra 30 minutes or even an hour um it's gonna be hard going through the rest of my day feeling sluggish continuing to feel emotional feeling guilty even that I didn't show up the way that I said I would show up um or it's going to be hard to just sit the alarm across the room get up and put on my workout clothes and. Put on some worship music just to fuel my mind first thing in the morning and just start the first 10 minutes of the workout then make it through the next 10 and then make it through the final 10 and and then on the other set side of that I can say dang that was hard but I feel good and I'm ready to go for the day right? Well when it comes to it again.

When I find myself because we all go through it and I think some people just have a hard time being more open about it but like for me if I find myself going through a season of anxiety and my mind is racing a thousand miles per hour and I just can't seem to control it I feel like I'm grasping at straws and. You know I have to just like sit back again and say okay lord like here's where I'm struggling. Let me find something in your word in regards to this specific thing. What does your word say about anxiety says okay cast all your anxiety on me and um, I'm thinking. Okay, well if I'm trying to take control. That's not me casting it on you right? That's me trying to control my circumstances control my feelings and everything like that and you have to understand like your feelings are just that their feelings. That's not who you are I might experience anxiety but anxiety is not who I am right.

My experience depression or feeling burdened because I think sometimes in today's society we can kind of get the 2 confused like you can be burdened and not depressed and you can be depressed and not burdened like um, but we have to say come to me all you who are heavy burden and heavy laden and I will give you rest right.

Have to understand that when we're given this to god and we're saying okay god I feel this way. But I know that if I just surrender that to you. You're gonna take that and do something with it and Lord if I just show up and and again do my best today. That's what matters so we have to understand that you know we don't have to let. The anxiety rule us. We don't have to let the depression rule us so when it comes to mental health reflect and say okay, where am I spending my time and my energy and who am I spending it on and with what am I listening to what am I watching that might be feeding that. Um. Is it a certain show. Is it a certain you know playlist is it a certain friend that um so you know because let's just be real anxiety spreads right? anxiety spread to us and if we're not careful if we experience anxiety ourselves.

And we're constantly surrounding ourselves with somebody who's like I have anxiety this is ridiculous. My anxiety's crippleling me like we don't want to experience that I don't want to live the rest of my life like that right? So start taking ownership which is I think something that we're start finally starting to get at least I see that some people are starting to get it.

Is that we've allowed it allowed it to cripple so many people and we've used it as such a crutch for so long that it's time to really reflect and say okay literally if that many people are experiencing anxiety. Maybe it's time that we stop putting so much attention on the anxiety and we start putting attention on the action.

That can get us out of that and say okay, that's not going to rule me I'm gonna take ownership of how I feel and how I think and I'm going to turn that around for myself and for those around me because I don't want I don't want to be surrounded by a bunch of anxious people and I sure as heck don't want to be a negative influence on anybody else will you have bad days for sure. Will you go through seasons. For sure. But what we do with those seasons and what we do with those days. That's how things can change for us so you know I and I get passionate about that too because I have working out work 1 out every single day and stay in in god's word like I wish I I mean I will preach it till the day I die.

Has been a game changer and I have not had to take 1 anxiety pill like I have been diagnosed with anxiety yet overcome it without any medication because counseling journaling god's word exercise nutrition if you're freaking piling sugar in your body all day every day and caffeine guess what.

You're gonna have anxiety like it's gonna contribute to that. But if you can just say what am I fueling my body with like I said listening to eating you know who am I surrounding myself that matters that truly matters. So if you struggle with mental health you know one reach out to someone reach out to someone you can trust and if you. Aren't sure who you can trust like hey you've got 2 women right here who truly care about your success and and who you are like you're not alone. You're not alone everybody battles it but like I said what you do so reach out to somebody and then two dive deep deep deep into god's word and realize that he is here for you and he loves you. And you are an overcomer and you can do all things through Christ who gives you straight so that's what I'll say on that.

Yes I love it. Oh my gosh I cannot agree more with all of those things. So there's literally nothing that I could add to that. But I think you're just so right? like really those are more distractions right than anything like.

That is really what it is I mean even the anxiety the depression we are emotional. We can't you know deny that but when we put faith First you can see how much more spiritual we are than we are emotional. We can be emotional but are so. Spirit is really a lot of the times what people of face will say push them past something that someone else thinks that they would never be able to get past right because that distraction of anxiety and oppression and fears are so overcoming to our mind and our body. We're missing one of those triangles right? when we're missing that top one. The spiritual part. Ah you kind of feel like you're all fallen apart right? So Gosh I Love it. Everything you said is so amazing. Okay, so let's let's just touch on.

Um, right absolute Yes I love it to.

let’s chat worth a little bit. What would you say if someone you’re coaching, and they just they have that mental mentality that they don't have the worth.

That's a good one, so you know I actually just talked to a coach today before I hopped on this podcast and you know, um, she was just talking about how like I don't know I feel older I feel. You know and and really it balls down to the lie like okay, you feel unworthy to be a coach you feel unworthy to be where you're at or inadequate even and that really, um, it's rooted in a law you know from the enemy and when it comes to feeling worthy.

That that also really boils down to like what we're believing about ourselves and what we believe about ourselves is simply a result of the the thought habits we have in our mind. Okay, so a belief is simply a thought habit right? It's a thought that triggers and then we tell it to ourselves over and over and over again. Well.

I've been told no 20 times this week and I have had 0 yeses to somebody wanting to join my challenge group. Okay, that doesn't mean I'm not worthy as a coach that just means hey it's just not their thing or they're just not ready to join me yet. It's just not their time and that's okay, like or. You know I'm unworthy because you know my husband and I got in a fight I must be a horrible wife. You know I'm such a failure as a wife or I'm unworthy today because I didn't get to mop the floor and my whole entire dining room table is covered in laundry. No that is not.

Define my worth as a wife or a mom or a house or a homemaker. You know like that just means hey something else had to have my attention today and that's okay, we're just gonna pick up tomorrow. You know so we have to understand that we aren't worthy because of.


You know the things we do or how successful we might look on the outside or the money we have or how perfect and big and pretty our house is you know like that's not what makes us worthy. What makes us worthy is whose we are and we belong to the lord and if we can really believe in that and. Sounds so cliche so like if somebody's listening and they're like oh let ever you know I'm worthy because of the lord like it's true. You know and when you're in a tough season mentally and emotionally it's hard to receive that. So if somebody is listening and and kind of wanting to. Like put that off like I just encourage you like open your heart to him and open your heart to the people. He's put in your life who will tell you that like get out of your own way and stop telling yourself. You're not worthy who are you trying to please in the first place cause if you're trying to please people or your boss or your pastor or your friend or your mentor or coach.

Or freaking people who like you or follow you on social media. Guess what? you are gonna burn out and feel unworthy whereas if you're doing everything as if you're working for the lord right? not for man just like he tells us in his word. Do everything with your whole heart as if working for the lord not for a man right.

That's where we keep the value of what we do and I am we're doing it for him. It's kingdom minded Stay Kingdom minded. That's how you do it.

Um, yay Gosh All that is so so true and ties into some of the other podcasts. He talked about with those twisted truths those lies that you know, um, spiritual warfare and really we don't talk about it enough. But. This is why it's such a big struggle because it is that emotional embodied part with the spiritual part too. So people don't really see the the warfare going on with your own life inside the lies and the twisted truths and the emotions. Um, that can distract us and. Really, you talked about the belief too and I mean if you don't have that Belief. You got to get with that community that does right? You got to have that community that does so you can borrow someone else's belief and then you can start believing it yourself because if you don't have it. Let's just say you don't have anything or what are you gonna do.

You're either going to work really hard to get it or you're going to borrow it right? and then give it back so you got to start thinking of that too ladies. So gosh this is so good. All the chills for today.


Right. Um, ah it is and you thought borrowed beliefs like I always say if you've heard my coaching Story. You've heard like I borrowed belief from Jen because she believed in me I said no not because I didn't. Want to do it I wanted to do it I didn't believe I could do that it believe I had the ability to be successful as an online coach even though I had the passion and the drive to change people's lives and it was just like her tell am like okay obviously she sees something in me that I don't and. Man I wasn't doing personal development I wasn't doing any of that and any mindset work any trains anything and now it's like I have this belief for other people not just for myself. But now I get to be so full of it that I Well you know I get to be full of belief excuse me. But you know we get to be so full of but.


Um, and then. Yeah, it's like overflowing. Yeah.

That we can pour that belief into other gender for me I get to do for other people you know So that's you know I had to spin off of that because it's so true. We have to borrow that belief.

Yes, gosh. So so so true I Love this? Okay, so let's see let's do the last question. let's say someone is asking you out there, a listener about starting a business. So can you give me your best device for them for starting a business.

Yes, okay, so if you have an idea to start any kind of business I want you to first ah like picture a tree right? Picture a tree you have to start about what planting a seed right? and that that seed is going to determine what kind of tree.

You know when the best season is for it to produce everything and then how you you know what soul you plant it in right? and then it's going to become rooted then the trunk you know and all of that. So I Want you to think of the root aka the foundation of your business. Why Why are you starting it? What are your. Core values. Okay, so for me, it's faith. Can it reflect and point people to the lord and can it reflect a lifestyle that honors him right? So I am very faithbased so I was always share that um and then to what kind of culture. Do you want to create right? Um, So I. Really when it comes down to it. It's like okay if I want to start a business I've got to choose something that will one align with my core values and my beliefs and the and then I have to think of okay, will it allow me to create the culture that I love and that I. Thrive in right? So if I'm running a business. Let me just I'm trying to think of something I Absolutely do not do well with like that I that like honestly financial management like I'm not in the banking industry right? So You will not see me.

Working in a bank or starting any kind of business coaching people on what to do with their bank accounts right? or anything like that I don't care I don't I want people to advise me in that area. You just tell me what to do how to manage my money and I got it right? or a business in like. Fashion and Retail I Love for people to dress me and tell me what to wear and I Love Love Love fashion. But when it comes to business like I don't really have a passion to like you know, like on a retail store right? Retail is not necessarily like.

A boutique is not my thing. However I will thrive by going and shopping at your boutique right? like I love clothes. So so when it comes to building your business. What are you passionate about what your core values like Beach body allows me to help women live a healthy fulfilling life.

And I have to stay focused on that goal. My goal is to help other women live a healthy fulfilling life and it allows me to share my faith openly right? I have the freedom to do that. It allows me to have the time freedom to build community like be on this podcast right? like I have enjoyed talking to you so much and this wouldn't have happened. I wouldn't be here today if I wouldn't have taken in that leap of faith right? So I'm able to sit here with you and share faith and business and community and grow in other connections with an incredible women like you who also run a business and inspire other people. So. Um, and then too like I'm able to build like a family environment like when my when people join my team or even my challenge group like I count them as family right? like when you're here your family and so I get to keep that core value in that culture that family culture of like come as you are. And know that you're loved no matter what and that you're not alone I've got you, you're we're in this together. So when you're starting a business keep that in mind. What do you hope to accomplish and will that business allow you to accomplish it and if you fail please don't quit and you know when you're Starting. It's like.

You know we do this thing where it's like oh I tried it once and it didn't work. So I guess I'm gonna quit and draw something else. So if you tried it once and it didn't work look at it and say okay, let's try it a different way and once it sticks keep on going keep on growing and keep on stravin. So.

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