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Episode 6 Declutter The Busy In Life & Business

Are your responsibilities a huge long list that gets you overwhelmed, discouraged & keeps you busy?

Busy is not always good. Im showing you how I break down my busy & focus on productivity in life and business.

With a list full of BUSY anyone can go crazy & seem to have it all together at the same time. It's when we know our responsibilities and fill our time with more meaningful actions that we see the light at the end of the busy tunnel.

Grab that paper or digital notepad<3

First we want to write down EVER responsibility you have! YUP all of them. Trust me its worth the time to see it all & see how you set these expectations. I even had toilet scrubbing on mine. No task is too small.

Write down all your titles -

What are the key responsibilities for each of these titles? Wife, Mom, Household. ect. But what are your values & what really consist of these titles responsibilities? Compassion, teaching life standards ect.

Circle all the responsibilities you feel like are your big strengths. If you don't see ALL of your personal strengthens write them down on a separate list with your weaknesses & distractions on the opposite side.

Write down a list of activities or tasks you miss being part of your life. All the things you used to love, that you thought you would take up all the things here that are missing and you want them back!

Pray & Talk with your spouse.

The big one here is to listen. Listen to how you feel, what you hear God confirm and your spouse reveal. Have a spouse meeting here. What is needed from each person? What is expected? What is a joint responsibility? Eliminate what you don't need, Delegate If Needed, outsource what takes up valuable time but doesn't matter mot to yall, evaluate what things need to change.

Time audit if you need to with a 15 min timer throughout your day. 30 Minutes works too just write down the activities you did so you can evaluate it.

Write out a blocked schedule if you need to even out your strengthens and full more purposeful and fulfilled.


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