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Episode 3 Are You Failing You New Years Resolution Already ?

Do you set New Year's Resolutions & never meet them? That's most people according to google only 19% make them. Let's Change This.

You know the magic pill that they sell you when you want to loose weight? The one with no work needed, and BAM! Your goal is complete…

Sounds too good to be true right? Why do we still believe NO work is needed for our goals?

Have you set a New Years Resolution? What is this goal? Why are people , over 80% FAILING?!

We don’t believe in ourselves-

Our passion & purpose matters here. What do you stand for? What lights you up? Why is this goal important to you?

Do you believe you can reach this goal? Are you really - Deep Down - Doubting yourself already?

Stop telling yourself twisted truths (lies, that don’t matter!) No Self sabotaging! Audit your thoughts to help you narrow down doubt, fear & dig deep into your negative thoughts about yourself.

Audits don't need to be long- you can quickly notice a negative thought & write it down, adfti the notes section of your phone. At the end of the day take 10 minutes to look over the list & ask questions. Why do I feel this way? What causes this thought? What would changes this?

We Can Take On So Much

SMART goals are great, be realistic & try not to take on 50 goals!

Can you break it down to quarterly goals, or one to two big goals that you can break down in smaller simple action steps? Watching the process boost your brain in keeping up the hard work!

What Will Stop You? Your Weakness To Acknowledge Do you know what stops you from pushing through? when it gets hard why don’t you get up and do it any way? Is it your mindset & negative belief , or is it action steps you are not taking.

What distraction do you WASTE time on? Have you thought of action steps on how you will

notice & treat your weaknesses? One of mine - Not purchasing the cookies if you know, you stress eat them during your late night work!

Take Action, Are You?

Where does your time go all day? What are your proprieties? Are you making excuses for your goals? Is your goal one of your top priorities for your day, or is it January 11th & your goal is out sight out of mind.

Stop and notice your distractions that are taking up precious time. Write down action steps for your goal. Make it a priority so you know what steps need to be taken.

Not Being Patience

If you are committed to accepting a job, a salary & a section of your precious time to do this job - you are patient! You get weekly pay, show up, work and meet expectations - you don’t get all that salary up front.

Show up more for yourself - Build your relationships, yourself, faith & purpose!

Be more patient with your life & goals- it’s not a magic pill. Patience takes time, and dedication.

No Ideas How Your Goal Happens? Get help, find the expert, a friend or someone who does know. So you can get the actionable steps & you know the process. This will help

you with patience & see the process to understand the full goal in action!

What Systems or Plan Will You Take? Can You Track it With Urgency? Just having the actions is not enough, you need a plan that you will stay accountable to. Share this with your support system! If you go in with no actions, no plan, no way to track, no one to keep you accountable & no idea of your struggles… Can we except to succeed?!

Add Your check in with accountability partner to your calendar as a appointment! Take yourself seriously!

Is this Goal YOURS?

WHY is this your goal? Why does this matter to you? Is this a comparison goal? What will change with me when I meet this goal? How will I feel when I reach it?

Your real reason should matter to you! Doing the hard work first will change your goal, actions & help you succeed!


Do it now! Don't let the DATE change it for you! You, your why, & your plan matters now!

Take these tips with you into the new year & start fresh with learning why we don't hit our own goals, if it's in business or new years resolutions you can use these tools to move forward throughout the year!

See you next week 😍


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