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Episode 17 Calling All People Pleasers - The No Challenge

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

Episode 17 Calling All People Pleasers- Lets Say NO!

The people pleaser in entrepreneurs

We say yes for lots of reason but let’s challenge yourself this week

Set your boundaries- these start with personal values

  • Your faith

  • Family time

  • Health

  • Work goals & hours

Learning to say no can add to your self care & happiness

  • does it align with your values

  • Does it fit your current boundaries

  • Does it allow you to complete your prioritizes

  • Will it bring you joy, get you closer to a goal but NOT take away from your top three personal values?

My challenge

  • write down your personal values for yourself, spirit, body, love/relationships, family & career

  • Prioritize them - look at them twice a day & read them

  • Think of things that really fill you up, that you have been missing, that you love doing, goals you have and really visualize yourself being HAPPY. Don’t write down things you THINK should be your goals

  • No phone for 1 hour after waking up - no emails, notifications, messages nope.

Stop caring what other people think. If you are presented with something deciding quickly if it aligned with your values & happiness will start to get easier

  • set your sleep schedule on your phone so you get a wind down time & PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY. Get your sleep, the scroll will be there tomorrow

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Check out the blog for more

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