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Episode 12 Nocebo Or Placebo - Better Belief, Better Day

Placebo is something you have probably heard - a harmless pill (sugar pill), prescribed for psychological benefits, used as a control.

Nocebo is what we need to be talking about today! The opposite of placebo can modulate the outcome of a given therapy in a negative way.

You have heard of the placebo effect... You believe you are getting treatment for something & your belief is so strong that it helps you, heals you & causes positive changes within your body after taking a placebo or “sugar pill”.

What we don't hear enough about is the

nocebo effect...

Opposite of the placebo effect, you believe something negative will happen, and that negative outcome becomes true.

People always tell you positive thoughts are important, your mind is your strongest muscle, your limit in your life is your mind...

But for some reason we let people continue to believe NEGATIVE outcomes or consequences so strong that they became TRAPPED in this cycle of the nocebo effect...

The term nocebo comes from the Latin ‘to harm’. Most of us jump to negative thoughts and expectations before positive ones.

Start empowering yourself with your faith, mind & stop letting negative thoughts take control of your future.

I'll leave you with this... In 1983 the British Stomach Cancer Group told 411 prospective recipients of a new chemotherapy treatment that nausea and hair loss were possible side effects. Over 30% suffered hair loss and 56% reported vomiting before the treatment began. All they had had was a placebo.

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