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Do Your Nails Need A Breathing Day?

Yall Let's take ourselves to nail school 🎓 today & settle this!

I have told y'all for over a year after some research to give your nails a break from polish to let the natural oils get back to your nails & let them breath!

🤷🏻‍♀️ I always say give your nails a breathing day but do your nails have lungs 🫁?!

The answer is clearly no! This is a common myth and people frequently think that “breathing” breaks between your polish are helpful because of the oxygen hitting their nails. Nails don’t breathe, although your cuticles will definitely adsorb up some extra moisture! Our nails actually get oxygen and nutrients from out blood, they don't need air to touch the surface.

🏆A moisturizing day is always recommended since keeping your nails hydrated is important!

So I’m going to try my best to make this a funny joke & work on my wording 😆

Try Putting some cuticle oil on, lather up with lotion, get a paraffin dip, do a hand mask, whatever you do to add moisture to your cuticles! I am going to try putting on cuticle oil everyday at least twice a day with or without nail polish on.

I also recommend healing any damage to your nails before applying any polish or artificial nails. Any signs of redness, cracking, or fungal infections. As long as you have healthy nails it's fine to wear nail polish as frequently as you would like.

Try aquafor for cracked skin! Try CND Rescue RXx for damaged nails!

Are you dehydrating your nails, skin & self? Washing our hands, soaking in the bath, sanitizer... the list goes on. You can definitely wear gloves to protect your hands but look for ways to add moisture. I highly recommend cuticle oil!

Remember to drink your recommended water intake and mix it up if you really can’t get all your water in! Here are some fun ways to drink your water & the kids love getting involved too!

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. Have you caught yourself calling for breathing breaks Before your next manicure?

Moisturize your cuticles ladies with or without polish on! Don’t forget if you are using Color Street wait for 15-20 before applying oils or lotions so your nails can fully cure!

Thanks for reading y’all! I appreciate all your support

Do you have more health questions about your nails? Leave them in the comments and I'll add them in!

XO 💋



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