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DIY Holiday Nails All Year Long

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Let me just admit I never did my nails before this!

The dry time with kiddos, the smudges - cause I was never patient! Going to the salon wasn't really an option - I have a busy husband with a ever changing schedule and I'm a stay at home mom!

Fast forward to now there is never a time I don't have my fingers & toes done unless it's my nails “breathing period!” More on this myth next week! One of my favorite parts of being a independent stylist is all the opportunity for free product, and discounts.

That means I can change my DIY mani pedi ANYTIME I want without an appointment, salon prices or damage to my nails!

I get compliments on my polish almost every time I leave the house, but holiday seasons are my favorite! You can really express your own holiday spirit and It gets me all kinds of excited!

Even mini launches with exclusive limited time shades is always a fun surprise!

I love to offer my customers gift-wrapped sets ready to go so the holiday season, can be less stressful and give you additional time for the things you want to be doing!

Click on any image to shop the current catalog shades and any available holiday season sets! Remember, Holiday shades release about a month in advance. Searching for a holiday shade from a previous year? You never know what incredible rewards I have available for my affiliate link host or online nail bar host! Make sure to contact me to find out more!

Want a update when new shades are available?

Just click Contact My Stylist here or anywhere on my shopping site and ask to be added to the email list!

Did you happen to catch the new Color Street Limited Edition Halloween Collection? THESE WILL SELL OUT QUICKLY

From stunning designs to glow in the dark shades these are a must wear for DIY Halloween Nails! Which is your favorite? The stunning solid blood reds, the clear spider overlays to add over any shade, or maybe the glow in the dark spooky ghostly designs? You can grab them while supplies last on my site starting 9/9/21 at 11:30 EST while supplies last.

Weddings are my favorite and a must for those gorgeous nail goals! You can go for a Buy 1 Get 1 Free French for $14(USD)! What a deal y'all

DIY home French manicure Krishna Sutherland independent Color Street Stylist

Not to mention fun holidays like Valentines, 4th of July or a birthday 🥳 celebration mani!

What is your favorite holiday? Let me know in the comments & share why it’s your favorite!

XO 💋


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