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Are You Damaging Your Nails?

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. Which means I make a small commission on the sale, However your price doesn’t change! I only recommend products and brands I have used and love, I know you will too!

Hey hey y’all! It’s Krishna dropping in to school you on your nails 😆... Do kids still say that?!

If you are like me before I started this nail obsession, you probably don’t pay much attention to your nails other than a trim after you break one putting a baby in the car!

Im here to tell you YOU ARE MISSING OUT! Don‘t be like me. Take my advice and see if doing your nails gives you more confidence, more joy and more awareness on the importance of your self care! Don’t worry at the end I have a quick, easy solution - no mess, no dry time & no salon prices!

Now Let’s Hit The Nail Care Tips 💅🏻

1. No More Damaging Acetone Polish Remover

Seriously if you don’t take anything from this post today please remember this. Acetone does quickly remove your polish but at a huge cost - your nail health! We all know how important hydration is & acetone Dehydrates your nails, removes all natural oils & can lead to peeling, cracking or nail thinning.

Grab some Mineral Fusion on their website, Amazon, TJ Max , or something Target!

This polish remover is Quick & Effective WITHOUT drying out your nails. Plus it smells pretty nice!

Become Color Street Stylist Krishna Sutherland Nail Tips

2. Care for those cuticles babe! Your cuticles protect your nails, stop bacteria and infection from getting into your bloodstream & if you take a little extra care of them they can keep your nails growing health!

Although I do no have dry or oily skin I have plenty of customers that do. That's one reason why I do all this research - I'm a natural learner and people pleaser so when they have issues I want to solve the problem.

Lightly pushing your cuticles back with a rubber cuticle pusher or your clean thumbnail before adding cuticle oil will have your nails dancing! Okay probably not dancing, but they will be excited and happy to grow with the extra hydration! Grab my favorite cuticle oil here !

Nail Polish Nail Tips Krishna Sutherland Color Street Stylist Georgia

3. Naked Nails Warning!

Don't look their are nude! But it's for good reason, adding a “breathing period” is something I used to do because I believed it was needed. They actually need to collect natural oils and have a time to rehydrate before the next stunning manicure. But they don’t actually need to “breath”. They get oxygen from our blood!

This is one reason your nails are damaged so badly after prolonged nail salon visits they normally are filed down before adding a application. This thins your natural nails. The cuticle oil they put on your nails is the only hydration they get which does help your nail growth. Since that's the only hydration your nails get in-between, those Cuticles drink up that oil like it's the first pina colada the’ve ever had! 😆

Make sure to get some oils on your cuticles! I'd love to know what issues you have with your nails in the comments!

Nail Care Tip Nail Health Tip

4. Strengthening Cream

Now that you know your nails need a little break I personally love adding Hard As Hoofs strengthening cream to my nail routine! Sometimes I only have time for a quick nail breathing break - maybe a few hours - and I know the importance of hydration. Thats where the cream comes in for me but it can also strengthen your nails after damage from acrylics, dips or other problems such as peeling nails.

Now I can tell you this product is one of my favorite because I can also add it ON TOP of my polish! Nails is my full-time business to support my family so I love the opportunity to hydration my nails even with my DIY manicure on!

Hard As Hoof Krishna Sutherland Color Street Tip

5. Extra Long Manicure Protection

I know I promised four tips but I couldn’t let you go without helping you extend your favorite fancy mani/pedi!

When my Customers tell me they are obsessed with solids, I love adding this tip to their mani bag!

Our No dry time clear layovers are designed to be your replacement for traditional wet polish topcoat! They are all offered in Clear strips as well as design & glitter options. They go on in seconds and you’re ready to run out the door or change a diaper! You can shop looks here.

Here is a quick video on how to apply these strips!

Color Street Nail Strips Tip Krishna Sutherland independent Color Street Stylist

So I have to know! What are your nail concerns?

Post them in the comments and we will answer them in the next Nail Care Tips Post!

Interested in learning more about the business opportunities? I coach and mentor monthly and I can't wait to hear your goals for your home based business! See if becoming an Independent Color Street Stylist is the right fit for you!

Thanks so much for reading, sharing & shop my small business! It really means the world to me & my family!



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