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Alternative Work For VIPKID Teachers

Being a teacher has always been an incredible blessing & journey for me.

I remember when I started as a VIPKID teacher & what a huge blessing it was for my family. I was able to bring in extra income in my own time & teach incredible children at cross the world!

I was so sad to hear the changes with the new China teaching regulations. God has always opened doors I could never understand completely.

He opened a new online opportunity to me that has blessed my family, shown my children business skills, taken over my wedding photography business & allowed me to use my teaching skills to mentor other incredible women.

If you are searching for something that can do the same for you once your classes are done with those sweet children PM me Or email me

It may not be right for you, however I thought the same thing & was incredibly amazing at what grew into a full time business for our family. If you are a online teacher & love time freedom in your work - you have ALL the skills you need for this opportunity! I have helped hundreds of people start this and see huge rewards within 95 days.

You can also find me on all social media Krishna Sutherland

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