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9 Holiday Party Ideas

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. Which means I make a small commission on the sale, However your price doesn’t change! I only recommend products and brands I have used and love, I know you will too!

It’s that time of year again where we get together with friends and family I have some fun ideas and some quick easy ways to make party planning a breeze!

1 Cookie Swap/ Baking Party!

If you’re like me and you have kids who love to bake and get together with their friends, this party idea might just be for you. who’s in cookie swap is easy! You can totally grab all the recipes and bake some cookies and have the house smelling delicious or you can like one of those Bath and Bodyworks Holiday sense I am back up some of your favorite store bought cookies! My children love helping in the kitchen so for us it would be grabbing a ready to bake cookies, And letting them throw them in the oven!

I also have a great sugar cookie recipe where you can easily add a royal icing on top grab some of the food coloring markers and let the kids decorate away! This one involves a little prep but offers hours of entertainment for the little ones while you enjoy the adult time!

2 Drink Swap / wine, hot chocolate, cider!

I love the idea of a fun winetasting at home, even though I’m not a huge wind fan, you can really change this out for any thing you love to drink!

If you’re making it family friendly the popular hot chocolate bombs are a great idea and you can even make them at home. The idea here is everyone bring one to taste one to give. It’s much like an adult white elephant game. You start the day off with a fun tasting, and treats. Then everyone’s name goes in a hat and you pick your drink of choice. have you tried one of these let me know in the comments I would love to know how you hosted yours.

3. Trivia Night

Trivia night is a fan favorite at our house, and the best part you can literally heavy theme for every season. Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s, traditions, your favorite binge worthy show, the possibilities are endless for your Trivia party.

You can make it simple and easy by purchasing a trivia game, there’s even some on Etsy One or you can look up some questions and answers on good old Google! If you’re already a Canva user, you could quickly add these into a presentation and display them on the big screen. We have block buster trivia, Disney trivia , book trivia, we ever found Bible Trivia!

4. Paint & Sip

Although I’ve been dying to try one of these at our local areas, paint and sip seems so exciting to me. Remember it’s not just wine you can sip on, fill the crockpot with hot cocoa, I set up a December fest of beer - whatever you & you’re guest like!

Now you could totally go to Hobby lobby grab some canvases, some stencils, a little bit of paint, brushes and be ready to go. You could also head to the dollar store, grab some fun dishes, wine glasses, coffee mugs. I found this cute party pack we will definitely be grabbing for our next paint party! There really is no limit here but the idea is everyone take something home, and has fun creating , Surrounded by community, and enjoying the season together.

5 Karaoke Christmas party!

grab the Christmas songs and let’s go caroling, just kidding let’s stay in and karaoke.

This one is full of laughs you can grab a very affordable portable karaoke option here on Amazon, pick one up at Sam’s, or even grab one of those karaoke apps. Play music from your phone or grab a Christmas music dvd here. Even the kids will have fun with this one but if it’s an adult only party, grab the snacks and get ready to laugh together!

6. Couples dinner party

Host a dinner party where everyone brings a dish, and their favorite drink. This kid free zone option can remind you to put your marriage first, connect with other couples, and spend time enjoying each other.Have a time to go around and share something you’re grateful for within your relationships, and remember to be thankful for all the people in our lives.

7. Ugly sweater party

Does everyone own an ugly sweater? It’s the perfect season to bundle up, And share a laugh with an ugly sweater. Here are some of my favorites if you don’t have one for the whole family the Dino & Alpacas are cute, but you can always DIY your own. Snacks in the crockpot, a few holiday games, and friends are sure to make this event a blast.

8. DIY Wreath Party

I have to admit I have never had a wreath and tell this last Halloween where I did the DIY Halloween dollar store wreath. So I’ll admit I am not a pro here on your wreath decorating, but it is a fun project. Grab some ideas, a few supplies, and enjoy time decorating together.

9. Surprise Manicure Party!

This idea came from one of my amazing customers who decided to host a holiday party and surprise her friends with manicures. If you know me you know I love the DIY Magical dry polish. Grab a few by three get one free Glitter Solids And Designs online, or buy one get one French For a quick affordable gifts for friends. If you’re looking for a custom party in a box just message me and I’ll send you a complete DIY manicure for each person at your event! Who doesn’t love getting their nails done, especially with a group of friends. The best part you can mix and match and everyone have a very unique and adorable Manicure In minutes.

Let me know which holiday party ideas y’all are using this year In the comments!

I love your feedback so let me know if you like these ideas 👇🏽❤️😘

Thanks for reading can’t wait to see you on the podcast Coming soon . Join the waitlist to be the first to bing-listen!



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