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3 Tips For Overwhelmed Women In Business

Note that some of the links below are affiliate links. Which means I make a small commission on the sale, However your price doesn’t change! I only recommend products and brands I have used and love, I know you will too!

As women , wives, mothers, our jobs we can make a world of difference!

Don’t let your day or most important relationships get hijacked by the daily distractions.

A few tips for controlling your relationships, life & business

1. Wake up early & Have a plan - Spending time with God in a purposeful relationship before the rush of the school lunches & deadlines starts can help put your heart & mind right where it’s needed. Jesus woke up early to spend time with God & his example can be a game changer for busy women.

I love reading different versions of the Bible so with The Bible App I can easily switch between different versions, from Jewish translation to New King James! They also have great daily devotionals which can help me pick which personal development books I read next too!

As a mom, I have limited time to myself so early in the morning works best & I can finish any readings & studying before bed. It helps calm my brain.

Really find your values & decide in this season what is most important. Really to hard to remember just because we have a goal we are pushing for doesn’t mean we need to push aside important relationships. Just as you budget your money, and save for the things you need - budget time on your calendar for your important people! Saying yes to one thing means saying No to something else. But not forever & definitely not NO ALL THE TIME!

2. Have a schedule & Routine - the two are different. Knowing your plan and creating a monthly calendar with a schedule (even weekly) can help & you stay focused on the right path. Your routine, like waking up early, quiet time, brushing your teeth can set the right pace for your schedule! Remember Gods plan sometimes looks different than ours, so learning to use your ears & heart is important.

It’s hard for me to pause & be still so I can listen to HIS plan over mine. I’ve found that praying with my husband, reading our books together & adding time to slow down has helped me stay peaceful while I listen patiently.

3. Use Tools and Automation - Our work can often take over our most valuable relationships. We push things & people to the side to get our work done. Finding the right tools & automation within your business can help you save time & prioritize what matters most. If we are overwhelmed by the amount of work & workflows , but we have failed to plan properly how can we stop & follow Gods way when he asks us to do something ? Have purpose in your plan yet leave the room to obey Gods plan.

Flodesk, is probably my most used business tool. I schedule out my emails, newsletter, launches & can even create a workflow for customers or my team. The templates are drag & drop , and the system is very easy to learn.

I have two other favorite tools that have made business so much easier for me first is Square I use this system for any invoices, appointments & they even have a great gift card system that has made gift options a breeze! My free card swipe has definitely come in handy at events & the sales are processed in my business account within 24 hours Or right away for a small fee.

If you are in the business of sales and struggle with follow ups this is the tool you need, Teamzy

This system allows me to download my team, customers, prospects & any goals. My favorite part is logging my chats, thank you notes, & reminders all under on client. It tells me who to follow up with & which teammates I need to check on!

Although I’m not a script girl I prefer personal connections & less selling. They do have scripts to help you , I recommend changing them & making sure to build true connections vs spamming & definitely never to cold message.

I love using my Trello boards to organize my work, day & brain. My Bible notes are in there, my podcast workflow it's a great tool! The digital planner I created on my iPad & good no old daily list!

I try to prioritize my top three action steps for the day so I'm not overwhelmed.

Don’t forget your favorite scheduling tools for all your social media.

If you are rushing to post & keep up with algorithms daily, stop to plan, have a purpose & process what will you say, YES to in your day ❤️

Leave me a heart ❤️ if you read this!

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