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What I Do When I'm Not Shooting!

I love my little family as many of you know I am a stay at home mom! I'm so thankful my husband works so hard so I am able to stay home & work on my photography. So when I am not editing (during nap time& late into the night!) I am trying to be the best wife & mom I can possible be! 

That being said when I am not shooting a session I am pushing laundry baskets with my sweet daughter she thinks laundry day is the best game ever! (Lord knows she will loose that enthusiasm) Between baby signing time & Disney movies, I try to figure out this grocery list situation. Honestly how do you feed a toddler, your husband, & yourself healthy meals 24/7! It's like a never ending horror film ending with ice cream at night! 

Most people know I'm a mom and unless you are a mom you just will never 100% grasp the madness that goes on. I'm not just talking about the house, kids, & long todo list either. Especially stay at home moms - we are literally working in our sleep since our thoughts are racing with all the things we need to do, all the things we didn't get to do for ourselves & trying to sleep thought it all! That being said before I was Mommy I loved going to braves games, taking time to do my hair & makeup, & reading mostly psychology documents lol! 

Now I'm 110% thankful I have a beautiful family & it's okay I don't get all the time I need or want! Not saying we shouldn't take our own time because we all need our own time- even our hard working husbands need those guys nights! Recently we have stated Monday date night (in), it doesn't matter what we do but we have to do something together after bedtime. So we play games, watch a movie, make desserts. Anything we want in the house without having to get a babysitter. I think it's going great & it's helped me to take some time on mondays to do something for me I want. During nap time I paint my nails, do something different with my hair, Pinterest! It might not seem like much but I would normally catch up on photography work, finish chores, make grocery list, all the junk that can wait - it's seriously not going anywhere!

I am currently working on bringing yoga back into my life! It's so relaxing. I love setting down just being able to drink my coffee & not be rushing around. Bahaha! I wish right?! Yeah so I might not get to do all the things I think I want to do, but I'm a awesome mom & a supportive wife! I am trying to run a photography business which is not easy. I suppose the answer is if I'm not shooting I'm just being mom & trying to keep up with all the things that come after a session! 

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