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Why Photography is not FREE.

Everyone can take pictures on their phone, ipad's & new cameras, if they want them printed they will probably go to Walgreens or Walmart to get "cheap" prints. That's fine there is nothing wrong with that! However when you seek & hire a photographer you value their time they spend with you to learn about your family, event, or special meaning of your session. You value their expertise in helping you find the perfect art work to last 100 years, the hours they spend post-processing your images, the time they spent away from their family to visit you during your session, to deliver your products & to make sure your images are everything you wanted & paid for.

Photographers spent a lot of time & money on equipment, training, website set-ups, gallery creating, Photoshop edits, properly saving all your images in several different places, paying shipping & credit card processing fees, knowing all the ins & outs of their taxes (which they have to take from each sale & session), paying for all the props to make your session session, fees for locations, gifts, packaging, marketing & on top of all the things I forgot most may want to actually want to make money for the work they did.

Its really sad when people take for granted a photographers hard work. Some try to steal their images, some don't want to buy any products, some only want digital images so they can print as they please, in return lowering the quality of the photographers image & name since most will not print with a professional lab.

I know I am not the right photographer for every family, I am 100% okay with that. There are plenty of photographers out there today & not all photographers are the right fit for your family but you will find one. Some do not mind doing a session & burning a disk, some don't want the responsibility of a business, some are just hobbies, others are boutique style, others just artist - no matter what type of photography I tell you it's not free. Just keep this in mind when searching for your photographer, there are different levels & a place for everyone!

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