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Tips For Your Session

You booked a session & you are so excited! Some of these things I go over in your pre-consultation but here is an over view to hold over your excitement!

  1. Pick a theme or color palette

This is a great way to make your images pop, coordinate everyone involved & make sure your images show your style. I like to say start by looking around your home, what have you decorated your favorite areas with? Pastels, neutrals, brights anything you are drawn to would make a get palette for your images!

Here is an example I made on that I call Southern Tea Party!

2. Don't wear distracting logos or word!

Logos & tees with sayings just clutter your images, stay away from these when taking professional pictures. Stripes also don't always turn out so well on prints, a little plaid is okay but stripes might not be your friend here. You don't need new stuff just be yourself & pick things you know you like & feel comfortable in.

3. Prepare the kids!

Make sure everyone has their nap, a snack & is excited about your session!

Its not always easy but it can be a lot of fun with the right photographer. Most enjoy the kids & can capture wonderful moment with your family if you & your children are relaxed! Moms don't be too worried about making the kids "act right" that's just not real life! Honestly if they don't want to be in the pictures & they see everyone else having fun they want to come back & have fun too! Sometimes that stick, flower, or favorite toy can really keep the smiles going.

4. Ask your photographer!

If you have questions about you outfits, your location or the products you want, your photographer is there to help. These shouldn't be stressful times when you book a session, its about capturing your families memories. Truly I love this about my sessions helping with the color palette or theme of the session lets me bring the perfect props to make a session one of a kind. I want my clients to love their images & if you've not happy during your session you won't love your final edits. Let us help, that why you hire us!

5. Think about your Products

When you book a session with me I give you lots of ideas & help with what products will fit best in your home. Some families want framed prints, or collages others just want family gifts. Thinking about what products you want & how you will use your images will help your photographer be able to focus in on images that will go along with your product plan.

Don't worry if you booked a session there was a reason you selected that photographer to be your personal artist, so trust them & relax. You're going to do great!

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