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Mom vs Lunch

First off I am a new mom (yay)! I love not being in the house but goodness it's so hard with one baby to even step out of the house - cheers for all you mama's out there with more than one! It's hard work, amazing but still hard! Basically we just adjust to the nonstop craziness, am I right?

Second, after I have given myself the prep talk to get every bag packed, made up a funny dance & song for my almost one year old to get excited for whatever adventure we are about to head out on, get all parties dressed, grab all the list I need, find a purse that hopefully has not been dumped out, find the missing shoe, keys, pack the car, get waters, snacks & an enjoyable car toy ... that trip better be worth it!

So for today's story I have not made a grocery list yet which should of happened yesterday & all my go to lunches were out! We are not much of a go out & eat family, but today I did the "we are getting lunch out" dance with my daughter. After all the craziness we get to Zaxbys, order, get my drink, sit all the things at the table, & go to get a high chair! But there are no high chairs - two couples came in right after me, both with children & took the only two chairs. Really only two children can eat at your establishment. After asking if they only had two chairs I got my to-go box collected all our things, & carried my new pile of things with a upset baby cause she just got her yummy fries. Drove home, unpacked only lunch so we could eat while singing "we're going to eat some chickkkkkken chickkkken chickkkken, we're going to eat some cookkkies, cokkkies & yummy yummy apple juice!"

Seriously so exhausting. An hour later we finally had our lunch back at home after all that. But it's so difficult to go out with a toddler when there are hardly ever enough high chairs, & sometimes no changing tables! Now the plan was to grocery shop after we ate since the market is right next door to our lunch pick! Needless to say we will be making another adventure & starting the process all over again due to lack of a chair uhhhhh!

Either way in the end I always love my time with my daughter & we turned it into a exciting trip but it's not easy to keep a baby happy when they just don't understand! Keep it up all you hard working mamas out there, you are strong, beautiful & one of the most important roles in your children life! Now go hug those sweet babies.

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