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Hey Ya'll, Welcome !

I can not believe how my day dream became my real life!

I am a wife to a handsome driven man, a mother to the most adorable giggle box, & a photographer welcomed in to others homes, events & intimate moments! How crazy is that?!

If you don't already know I am Krishna Sutherland Owner of Krishna Sutherland Photography! I love coffee, my cowgirl boots, & the crashing waves at the beach. My husband changed my life in ways I didn't even know where possible, my daughter has added a new category to my life & created a super mom out of me! Did I leave out the 'mess' before that super?! I am just here to fill you in, listen to your stories, & help you know your doing amazing!

Mom life is crazy - I don't even think that says it, there is no words to motherhood in the dictionary! how do you combine amazballs, sweet as a peach, exhausted as your caffeine crashes, so loud your neighbors hear your kids melt down, bottom lip poking out adorable, & cry your eyes out mommy moments all into one word???!

Now we have to back up to the relationship that often gets the boot when it comes to energy, our marriage! We do know after we raise these outstanding children our spouse will be the only one living in the house with us & in awkward silent if we don't keep that relationship just as important as before those beautiful kids you created together! TOGETHER YALL!

Lets be honest we can't live a 100% healthy life style while there is a screaming little person attached to your leg! However we can try our best & I might be able to help. I said might & help - because its difficult. Creating a healthy meal plan, making time for physical activities, setting a good example, & encouraging our families. ITS SO HARD!

From keeping your spouse a priority to trying to figure out your home décor there is a spot for you in my blog!

Never give up your "oh I wish I could" dreams ... when we are totally set on a dream, stone walls can't stop us!

If you want to keep up with my fun photography adventures, remember the importance of your spouse, hear a mom story you can relate to in relief, jump into your dream, & create one healthy goal at a time, you have come to the right place! Join me in this crazy journey!

Thanks so much for reading.

-Krishna Sutherland

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