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Is This Business For You?

A Free Webinar on How to Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur.

To the business minded women who has tried it all and confused why she cant make it work. Online Businesses

If you have watched my story & thought, "There is NO WAY I could be successful at that!" I'm here to tell you ... That was me. only two years ago I was a full time wedding & personal branding photographer, teaching with VIPKid before my family woke up & struggling with PPD. 

When social media went down the epic 2021 shutdown I realized I could take the systems I had in place & create even stronger ones that anyone on my team could follow. I'm sharing my roadmap with  women who are ready to start a real business plan, set goal & hit them all while still living in the moment when your family needs you most! 

I am a full time networker, wife & mom of two! I started this journey with less than 300 friends on facebook, and not really believing or understanding network marketing, affiliate marketing or Multi Level marketing. 

I now know 80% of women who make six figures income do it through Network Marketing.



Cough * Cough* I was one of those people, who did not understand what this business way or the opportunity it offered my family. 

But as a women and business owner, I'm here to tell other women If you want to build a successful business - YOU CAN! 

If you are consistent, set goals, and put systems into place you can stop chasing the loud voice that tells you it doesn't work. 


Top Ranked Leader & Speaker Krishna Sutherland

Your business should be more than Facebook post and spammy disparate sales messages! Did you freak out when your social media went down? Let me help you get off your mindless scroll & learn business skills to build a successful online business. 

"Multi-level marketing, network marketing and direct sales are the names used by those in that type of company to describe how their business models work. Their detractors call what they do "one of those pyramid schemes" with a snarl. These companies are not pyramid schemes; they are a legitimate way for some people to make some side money and sometimes to literally build their own businesses."

Dave Ramsey

In this webinar we will cover

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