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Educator, Marketer, Podcaster & Coach

Tell Your Story

Just like in my photography business I know the importance of your story! 

Your personality, your brand, your voice & goals MATTER! 

I am dedicated to helping women like you, Find your Why, your passion & best self. From building your mindset to building relationships & businesses, we tackle real life struggles here.

Are you Ready to EMBRACE your story?

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Hello Gorgeous

I am Krishna Sutherland, a small town Georgia peach transferred to Texas for my husbands dream job! I'm obsessing over building faith based communities, relationships, and the impact women can make together! 

I'm a lucky Wife, Home school Mamma, and Business Owner - always working on expanding, growing, and leading. 

I never saw myself leaving wedding photography but I'm blessed to connect, create & lead others to push past struggles & thrive!

Coaching others through faith, fitness & mindset has been a God journey!

Self Care, Your Relationships & The You WITHIN is waiting for you to show up!


Self Care & Confidence

My experience and connections with the wedding industry started my business journey, but it didn't stop there. Learning to build self confidence, and strives forward in self care have helped me share the process with other overwhelmed mamas. 


Family + Friends

There was once a time new relationships were so exciting! But do you feel that way now in the middle of a career, new business or motherhood?

Here we focus on how to build healthy faith foundations, internal relationships, build new connections and water the ones you have now! 


Finding a community to learn, grow and keep you accountable can help your mindset and daily actions. 

Here we believe community is important and valued. 

We were not created to stand alone, but together. 



I am on a journey to really impact other women and make a difference. Not Just in the USA but around the Globe

I started during a time where I needed self care, and support - but had no idea. Postpartum depression is not talked about enough. 

Because of this journey I will continue to help support other women with their passions and strive to make a community impact to help women grow their self confidence, marriage, business and network TOGETHER All Over the WORLD!

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Listen In On The Podcast

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